Easy Owl Valentine Paper Craft

Looking for an easy Valentine’s Day craft? This owl Valentine paper craft is a fun project that kids will love! There’s even a printable template to keep things simple.

Brown paper owl holding red heart on white background with text overlay saying, Valentine owl paper craft with printable template

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for kids to make some fun crafts to give to family and friends. This easy owl paper craft is super cute and requires only basic supplies to make.

Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other family members will love receiving a meaningful, hand-crafted Valentine. And your child will be so proud to give a gift that they have made themselves!

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What You’ll Need to Make the Owl Paper Craft

A glue stick, scissors, permanent marker, pencil, and pieces of colored paper lying on a white background

How to Make the Owl Valentine Paper Craft

Step 1

Print the owl template and cut out the pieces to use as tracing patterns.

Use white construction paper for the front part, pink for the blush, orange for the feet, white for the eyes, red for the heart, and two different shades of brown for the body base and the wings. Trace and cut out the pieces.

Use a Sharpie marker to fill in the black area of each eye.

Cut-out pieces to make an owl valentine paper craft

Step 2

Attach the front part on the front of the body base.

Cut-out pieces of construction paper lying on a white background

Step 3

Attach the two feet cutouts on the bottom side of the body base pattern, keeping the feet facing outwards. Attach the eyes near the top side of the front part. Attach the blush cutouts on both cheeks, below the eyes.

Partially assembled paper owl with addition paper pieces lying on a white background

Step 4

Attach the beak cutout between the eyes.

Partially made brown paper owl with several more paper pieces lying on a white background

Step 5

Take one wing cutout and apply glue along its outer side; align the glued edge with the body base outline. (The wing should be attached to the body base along the side only; the rest of it should be free from glue.)

Brown paper owl with white front, black eyes, pink cheeks, and brown wings on white background

Step 6

Attach the second wing the same way as the first.

An almost completed brown paper owl lying on a white background

Step 7

Trace and cut out a heart-shaped piece from red construction paper. Attach the heart cutout under the wings of the owl.

Use a Sharpie marker to outline the eyes and add eyelashes as pictured below.

Cute brown paper owl with white front, black eyes, and pink cheeks, holding a red heart

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