Heart Garland Paper Craft for Valentine’s Day

Are you looking for an easy, attractive heart craft for Valentine’s Day? Kids of all ages will enjoy making this fun heart garland paper craft!

Image of red paper hearts on a string of twine and text overlay that reads, Valentine garland paper craft for kids

Valentine’s Day decor is a fun way to brighten the cold month of February. This paper heart garland is easy to make and super cute to display!

Kids of all ages will enjoy creating these heart garland paper crafts to add cheer to their home or to give as special gifts to others.

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What You’ll Need to Make a Paper Heart Garland

Image of a small pair of scissors, a glue stick, a black pencil, and a coiled piece of twin lying on red construction paper

How to Make a Heart Garland Paper Craft

Step 1

Print the template and cut out one of the heart shapes. Trace the heart shape onto the construction paper of your choice; trace and cut out enough hearts to make the garland as long as you would like.

Image of five red paper hearts lying on a white background

Step 2

Fold each paper heart in half symmetrically.

Image of 4 folded red paper hearts lying on a white background

Step 3

Cut out small rectangle shapes from the same paper used for the heart shapes (you’ll need half as many rectangles as the number of hearts). Apply craft glue to a few of the rectangle shapes.

Image of folded red paper hearts and small rectangles of red paper with glue on them

Step 4

Place a folded paper heart on half of the glued paper rectangle. The fold line of the heart should line up with the middle of the rectangle.

Image of two folded red paper hearts being assembled into a 3-D paper heart

Step 5

Place another folded heart on the other half of the glued rectangle, lining up the fold lines of the two hearts to make a 3-D paper heart.

Image of 2 red paper hearts and 2 red paper rectangles waiting to be glued together

Step 6

Repeat until all the 3-D hearts are assembled. Cut a strand of craft twine to the desired length.

Image of several 3-dimensional red paper hearts and a piece of twine lying on a white background

Step 7

Apply glue on the back of the 3-D hearts and attach them to the twine, spacing the hearts evenly along the twine. Be sure to leave at least two inches at each end of the piece of twine for hanging.

Image of five red paper hearts being glued to a piece of twine

Step 8

Fill the piece of twine with 3-D paper hearts as desired. Allow the glue to dry completely.

Image of the back of 5 paper hearts with glue attaching them to a piece of twine

Step 9

When glue is dry, turn the garland to the front and hang as desired.

Image of a paper heart garland, with five 3-dimensional hearts attached to a piece of twine

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