Learn with Diagrams: Online Sentence Diagramming Course

Try this interactive grammar game to make sentence diagramming FUN!

I am a self-declared grammar nerd. I’ve been hooked since high school, and I’ve even turned my obsession into a small editing business.

Naturally I’ve always wanted to be sure that my children had a strong grammar foundation. We cover grammar methodically and consistently, beginning around second or third grade and continuing until graduation.

My kids have demonstrated a good grasp of grammar principles, and I’ve mentally patted myself on the back for giving them a solid foundation.

However, we had one struggle with grammar that I hadn’t been able to conquer: Some of my children couldn’t keep adjectives and adverbs straight. They did great with their daily lessons, but when it came time for review, they were confused by the two modifiers.

Like many homeschoolers, I didn’t feel that sentence diagramming was important–until we actually tried it for the first time. We recently began using Learn with Diagrams, and I have learned just how valuable sentence diagramming can be!

online sentence diagramming course

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Learn with Diagrams: Online Sentence Diagramming Course

Learn with Diagrams is an online sentence diagramming course for grades 5 and up. With short lessons, games, and videos, the course is designed to make learning fun. And yes, it really IS fun!

Learn with Diagrams is comprised of 10 levels and 45 lessons, making it useful for varying ages and abilities. The interactive grammar game adapts to each student’s skill level automatically. No placement testing–big plus!

Students use a handy drag-and-drop interface to complete sentence diagrams. After each word is dragged to its proper place, it turns gray so that the student can easily see what has already been used.

Each sentence diagram is pre-labeled with the part of speech that belongs in each space. If the student can’t remember what a particular part of speech is, he or she can click on the label to see a definition. This in itself is a great learning tool!

interactive grammar game for homeschool

Why Online Sentence Diagramming Works for Us

Supplemental Program

Learn with Diagrams is NOT designed to replace your regular grammar curriculum, but rather to work along with it. No need to give up your favorite curriculum!

We use and love Easy Grammar for its straightforward prepositional approach. Learn with Diagrams is the perfect supplement to cement what Collin has already learned in his daily lessons.

Interactive Learning

This interactive grammar game is far more engaging than diagramming sentences on paper, especially for kids who love screen time.

In addition, it provides immediate feedback, showing any errors and reinforcing proper diagramming skills as my son works. LOVE this!

Learn with Diagrams - online sentence diagramming

Visual Organization

If I had realized how much the visual organization of diagramming sentences would help Collin with grammar, I would have started long ago.

Remember how he struggled with differentiating between adjectives and adverbs? After only two days of using Learn with Diagrams, he had a better grasp of adjectives and told me, “It makes much more sense now!” Big win in my book!

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  1. What happened to Learn with Diagrams? I can’t find it. Are they still in business?

    1. Judy Hoch says:

      Leslie, I’m able to pull up their website. Maybe try again? It really is an awesome program!

      1. Thanks! The site came up just fine now. I think it might have just been down on the night I was trying it.

  2. Hey, just wanted to thank you for your little article here. I’m 45 years old and have a career, but many years ago I began learning Koine Greek. Over the years, my use of the language has faded. But now I am at place in life where I want to begin using it again. And that means starting from the beginning! One thing few people expect when they take Koine Greek (or any language for that matter) is that their English grammar skills are going to be called on early and then frequently throughout. This makes sense, but still, few people realize this. They realize it not long after learning the Greek alphabet; you simply cannot learn another language if you have no working capacity with the grammar of your own language. I have many English grammar books but just find it difficult to learn grammar that way, simply by reading. So I started looking for a course online or some resource I could use. Unfortunately, they are quite disappointing for my purposes….and very “Hit or Miss.” And some can be very expensive. So as I was researching this I ran across this pot, and decided to give it a try.

    Well, it turns out this is even better than what I expected to find. One of the better ways to understand passages in Greek is to be able to diagram the sentences. So this course covers it all….the grammar aspect AND the practice diagramming sentences. This is a very big plus.

    Like you say above, just fiddling around in a couple exercise teaches a student A LOT. This is going to be fun and I am very relieved. Because I remember being so frustrated the first go-around, spending so much time learning English grammar and very little time learning Greek. Then, once we finally got off and running, grammar issues plagued so many of us the whole way. It was so bad, the professor actually took us back to a 5th-6th grade level grammar course I used in elementary school where we would sing songs to learn the grammar. If you know anything about the “Shirley Method” I actually went to the elementary school where Mrs. Shirley taught, and we used that method. Years later, there I was again as a grown man, sitting in a classroom singing those songs since we were all having trouble with objects, adverbs, and verbs.

    I have NOT been looking forward to this challenge again. So finding this site and the diagramming tool and everything, is a great answer to prayer. Thank you!

  3. Hi Judy,
    Is Learn with Diagrams website still up running. I have tried a multiple times, it has keeps showing the domain names is available for grab.
    I am based in Australia. I would like my kids to learn sentences diagraming.

    1. Judy Hoch says:

      Hi Amy, sadly I am getting the same thing. I’m really disappointed because it was truly an awesome course. 🙁