Online Technology Classes That Kids Will Love

Struggling to teach technology skills in your homeschool? Your kids will love these online technology classes from MYTEK LAB!

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Back in my elementary school days, technology education was virtually nonexistent. In fact, I don’t remember my school having a computer at all.

Today’s students are living in a completely different day. Computer skills are increasingly important, and technology education needs to begin in elementary school.

The good news is that online technology classes can help homeschool students develop skills that they can use both now and in the future. A high-quality technology education enables kids to develop skills that they can use in many different situations.

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MYTEK LAB Online Technology Classes

MYTEK LAB offers engaging online technology classes for grades 3-12. From specialized beginner classes to more advanced topics, each course teaches concepts in a simple, straightforward way that kids can understand.

When my daughter began MYTEK LAB’s Computer Technology course, she was unsure that she could learn all the new concepts. After one lesson, though, she was hooked!

Ever since that first lesson, she has spent hours on the computer each week practicing what she has learned. She even taught herself how to animate a pixel art project, simply by applying concepts she had learned in class. That’s homeschooling at it’s best!

Experienced Teacher

Classes are taught by Mr. Stephen Souders (also known as Mr. MYTEK). Mr. Souders has a master’s degree in Computer Information Systems and has also taught college-level classes.

Mr. MYTEK is a gifted teacher who has a real talent for making things easy to understand. But just as importantly, he and his wife (aka Mrs. MYTEK) have a special gift for interacting with the students in a fun and engaging way.

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Live Online Classes

Students attend live online classes each week via Zoom. Mr. MYTEK demonstrates the concepts being covered, and students work along at home.

And thankfully, you won’t have to worry about your child’s safety while attending class sessions. No one is allowed to enter a Zoom session without first being verified by Mr. or Mrs. MYTEK. Love this!

All MYTEK LAB courses also include replays of the live lessons. If students miss a live class or need to go over the lesson again, they can watch the replay as needed.

Need more flexibility? Scroll down to learn more about MYTEK LAB’s Flex Pace classes!

Live Help Sessions

Mr. MYTEK holds a weekly live help session that is open to all students. Kids can join the live Zoom session and ask any questions they have about their lesson or homework assignment.

As homeschool parents, we don’t have enough time or energy to learn everything along with our kids. These live help sessions allow Mr. Souders to do all the hand-holding for us. No parent time or energy required!

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Self-Paced Technology Education from MYTEK LAB

If live classes don’t fit your family’s schedule, you’ll be happy to know that MYTEK LAB now offers Flex Pace options for select classes.

Flex Pace is a highly adaptable course alternative designed to cater to students’ varying schedules. This learning approach involves weekly recorded videos and lesson releases, allowing students the convenience to engage with the course content according to their own timelines.

Given the rapid and frequent evolution of technology, the potential for outdated material is a concern for learners. However, Flex Pace proactively addresses this issue by releasing recorded lessons each week, ensuring that all students have access to the most current material and instructional modules.

Flex Pace empowers students to pursue their education at their own pace, without needing to participate in a specific live class schedule or to meet assignment deadlines.

Need even MORE flexibility? You can pick when you start the course! Register today and start when you want to.

Discount for New MYTEK LAB Students

New to MYTEK LAB? Contact Jacky (Mrs. MYTEK) at for a discounted monthly rate of $34 (normally $49 a month).

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