Homeschool Management App for Busy Parents

As a homeschool parent, you have a lot on your plate. Make homeschool management and household organization easier with Beehive!

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On any given day, you may find me picking up groceries, ferrying a child to the orthodontist, or running a teen to work. I’ll also be juggling a never-empty kitchen sink and a mountain of laundry…all while practicing multiplication facts with my 9-year-old or helping my teen with algebra.

Thankfully there is an easy-to-use app that helps busy homeschool moms like me juggle homeschool, homemaking, and all the other bits of life that can fall through the cracks.

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How Beehive Can Help with Homeschool Management

Beehive is an easy-to-use app that focuses on helping busy homeschool parents manage their daily lives more easily.

Set your child’s assignments

One of my favorite Beehive features is the ability to set daily assignments for each subject. My kids love to work independently, and having their assignments easily accessible is important.

You can schedule several different types of assignments:

  • tests
  • quizzes
  • homework (can be used for assigning lessons or worksheets)
  • projects

Track your child’s progress

Homeschool record-keeping can be a headache, but it’s so easy to track your child’s grades and progress in Beehive!

All it takes is the click of a button to enter a grade for any subject. Beehive tracks grades for each subject and displays them on a graph for easy reference.

Image of homeschool grades in app on phone screen.

Maximize your child’s learning

Beehive does more than just track progress and grades. It also provides personalized learning plans (called “growth plans”) based on your child’s needs and interests.

Growth plans can be used to help fill gaps in your child’s learning or to reinforce what they are already learning in their regular curriculum.

For example, in the division growth plan, kids watch video lessons to learn multi-digit division skills. Each lesson is followed by practice problems (including a word problem!) that kids complete on their own.

These lessons and problems could be used to help a struggling student or to keep a successful student motivated and on track.

Image of multi-digit division problem being worked on screen.

How Beehive Can Help with Household Organization

Beehive does so much more than just help with homeschool management! The app also helps busy families stay organized.

Keep Track of Appointments and Activities

In the same way that you enter homeschool assignments, you can also add appointments to your schedule. Appointments can then be viewed right along with everything else on the schedule for that day.

You may want to add activities like these:

  • Music lessons
  • Trips
  • Doctor appointments
  • Sports practice or games
  • Reminders

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Assign Chores

Remember how you can assign lessons or worksheets to each child? Well, you can also assign chores the same way!

Assigned chores show up in each child’s profile along with other assignments, appointments, and activities.

Kids can see all their responsibilities and activities on a single screen, making it easier for them to plan their day efficiently. (Plus there’s no room for excuses when everything is right there on the screen!)

Image of list of homeschool assignments on phone screen.

Make Homeschool Management Easier

Ready to manage your home and homeschool more efficiently? Check out Beehive today!

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