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Science can be one of the more challenging subjects to teach in a homeschool setting. In some cases, science lessons can be limited by the parent’s experience, the student’s learning style, or even simple things such as a lack of space for lab supplies.

There are several ways to supplement a student’s science learning, including co-ops, local classes, private tutoring, or online lessons. The most convenient option for our larger family is definitely online science lessons.

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Introducing Uzinggo

Uzinggo is a new online learning tool for middle and high school students. The system is visual and engaging like a video game while presenting math and science concepts in student-paced lessons. An awards system helps motivate students to push ahead and master the material.

Parents have a separate account from which they can view the student’s progress and access teacher guides, answer sheets, activity sheets, and more.

Screenshot of Uzinggo's parent dashboard

Parent dashboard with access to student progress reports, teacher guides, and more

Online Science Lessons with Uzinggo

Uzinggo’s online science lessons are an excellent addition to a standard textbook. All learning styles can benefit from the interactive lessons, virtual experiments, and engaging animations.

My daughter is using the High School Ultimate Package, which includes both math and science lessons. As a visual learner, she benefits from the animations, virtual labs, and other visual aspects of the program.

Auditory learners can also benefit from the oral instruction that accompanies the videos. This would have been a tremendous benefit for my son who loved science but struggled with absorbing difficult science texts.

Screenshot of Uzinggo online science lesson

Virtual Science Labs

Because my daughter is a “hands-off” learner, she strongly dislikes any hands-on projects or experiments. Uzinggo virtual science labs are a great fit for her, enabling her to experience animations and virtual experiments without getting her hands involved.

Virtual science labs can be an excellent homeschool resource for a variety of reasons:

  • They eliminate the need to find and store expensive lab supplies.
  • They reduce the time involvement of the homeschool parent.
  • They enable students to view an experiment in the same way they would in a live class.
  • They ensure that experiments achieve the intended result.

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