3 Surprising Benefits of Coding Classes for Kids

Coding classes can help your child or teen develop technology skills easily and effectively. Learn more about MYTEK LAB’s coding classes for kids.

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I believe it is vitally important in today’s world that our kids have a solid technology education.

According to data collected by Burning Glass Technologies, STEM-related fields are predicted to grow by more than 10% in the next decade. And even outside these fields, the demand for technological competency is increasing every single year.

The good news is that online coding classes can help homeschool students develop technology skills that they can use both now and in the future. The benefits of learning to code reach across different disciplines and help kids develop skills that they can use in many different situations.

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3 Surprising Benefits of Coding Classes for Kids

1. Learn how technology works

Online coding classes teach kids how technology works. Knowing how to code gives kids a deeper understanding of technology and lets them explore their creativity through computer programming projects.

Kids as young as third grade can begin learning to build games, apps, websites, and animations using various coding languages. This experience will be very beneficial if they pursue a technological career in the future.

2. Develop problem-solving skills

Online coding classes develop problem-solving skills. Computers don’t think like people–they use logic and process data based on the instructions you give them. Learning to write code teaches students how to break down problems into smaller pieces and solve them step by step.

“The next generation of workers will need to be very creative problem-solvers,” says Ryan Preston-Roedder, president of Coding with Kids in Seattle. “Computer programming is a great way to develop the skills necessary to face challenges that we have not yet imagined.”

3. Develop ability to think logically

Kids who learn to code naturally develop their critical thinking skills. When a line of code isn’t working, they have to use logic to figure out what to test and what to adjust until they find the problem and fix it.

Learning to code isn’t just about learning how lines of code work together and how variables interact with each other–it’s also about figuring out why certain lines of code aren’t working, what needs to be adjusted, and how you can make improvements and build on the code you’ve created.

Online Coding Classes from MYTEK LAB

MYTEK LAB offers engaging live online technology instruction for students in grades 3-12. Students use many different applications and web design tools to learn computer programming fundamentals and technology concepts.

This year Weston is enrolled in TEKnology Lab Level 2, and he is absolutely LOVING the classes! In fact, he often does more than is required just because he enjoys it so much.

I’ve been absolutely thrilled to see his progress–after all, whoever would think that a 13-year-old could learn to code? But with MYTEK LAB, he is excelling and loving it!

Read my full review of MYTEK LAB here.

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