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Need help teaching technology skills in your homeschool? Your family will love these online programming classes for kids.

Middle school boy working on programming classes on a laptop

One of my most memorable homeschool moments occurred when my youngest son was three years old.

Our family has always worked hard to limit screen time, and at his young age, Weston didn’t have any interest in computers yet . . . or so I thought.

Imagine my surprise one day when I saw him walk over to our desktop computer, turn it on, and pull up the online geography map game that his older siblings had been using!

He sat there in deep concentration while he moved all the U. S. state pieces to the appropriate spots on the map. Then he closed out the browser, turned off the computer, and nonchalantly returned to his three-year-old play.

Ten years later, that toddler is now almost a teenager, and he has developed an interest in computer programming. I’m thrilled that we have found some excellent online programming classes that are tailored to his age group and skill level.

Boy's hands on laptop creating an image in Blockbench

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MYTEK LAB Online Programming Classes

MYTEK LAB offers live online programming classes for grades 3-12. Each course teaches basic programming skills and other technology concepts in a simple, straightforward way that kids can understand.

Each semester-long course is worth 1/2 credit in computer education. High school students can take two semesters of programming classes to earn a full computer education credit on their transcript.

Live Weekly Classes

Students attend one live interactive class each week for the duration of the course. Classes are taught by Mr. Stephen Souders (also known as Mr. MYTEK). Mr. Souders has a master’s degree in Computer Information Systems and previously taught college-level classes.

Mr. Souders is a gifted teacher who has a real talent for making things easy to understand. But just as importantly, he has a special gift for interacting with the students as real people.

You’ve probably noticed that some instructors tend to inadvertently “talk down” to younger students, but both Mr. Souders and his wife Jacky have a way of making kids feel respected and important, which both Weston and I greatly appreciate.

Recorded Replays

All MYTEK LAB courses also includes replays of the live lessons. If students can’t make it to the live class or if they need to watch the lesson again, they can watch the replay whenever they need to.

Screenshot from live MYTEK LAB programming class

Live Help Sessions

Every week Mr. Souders holds a live help session that is open to all students. Kids can join the live Zoom session and ask any questions they have about their lesson or homework assignment.

This is a fantastic benefit because—let’s face it—we don’t have the time or energy to learn everything along with our kids. And with these live help sessions, we don’t have to! Mr. Souders does it all.

Homework Assignments

Each week students are given a programming assignment to complete before the next class. These assignments are REAL hands-on programming activities, not just meaningless copy-and-paste busywork.

The weekly assignments are an excellent experience for homeschooled kids who may have never had “official” homework before. Weston is taking complete responsibility for completing his assignments and turning them in to his instructor for grading. Another big win!

Tween boy using laptop to complete programming classes

Online Programming Classes That Kids Will Love

MYTEK LAB courses offer an introduction to many different aspects of technology. Students use many different applications and web design tools to learn computer programming fundamentals and technology concepts.

Weston is enrolled in TEKnology Lab Level 1, and he is absolutely LOVING the classes! In fact, he often does more than is required just because he enjoys it so much.

He even asks at bedtime if he can work on his MYTEK LAB homework instead of going to bed. That’s how good these programming classes really are!

So far Weston’s favorite lesson has been the 2D game art lesson, where he created pixel art and made a tilemap with tile variations. He is also really enjoying learning to use Blockbench, a 3D modeling program.

Thanks to MYTEK LAB, my son has fallen in love with programming. In just a few short weeks, he has gone from a complete beginner with no programming experience to a confident student who loves to demonstrate everything he is learning.

Middle school boy working on laptop to create 3D image

Register for Programming Classes with MYTEK LAB

Registration is open for MYTEK LAB semester 2 live classes. When you register for semester 2 classes, you can get all the recorded lessons and assignments for semester 1 at a discounted price.

Contact Jacky at to get your discount set up. This is a fabulous offer that you don’t want to miss!

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