Teaching Textbooks 4.0: Homeschool Math Curriculum

Need help teaching math? Check out Teaching Textbooks 4.0, the only homeschool math curriculum that does ALL the teaching and grading for busy homeschool parents.

Middle school boy using laptop to do homeschool math

Math has proven to be the most time-consuming subject in our homeschool. For that reason, when I don’t have time to teach every subject, math is the first thing I try to take off my plate.

We recently had the opportunity to try out the newly updated version of Teaching Textbooks, a homeschool math curriculum that truly teaches without requiring any time from me.

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Teaching Textbooks 4.0: Homeschool Math Curriculum

Teaching Textbooks 4.0 is an app-based math curriculum for grade 3 and up. It is the ONLY homeschool math curriculum that does ALL the teaching and grading, which really helps lift the load for busy parents.

Not only does Teaching Textbooks make things easier for parents, but it also makes it simple for students to use independently. Each lesson is taught directly to the student—no waiting for mom or dad to be available to explain a new concept. This is a huge timesaver!

Screenshot of Teaching Textbooks lesson

Thorough Explanation of Every Problem

Every problem in every lesson has a “safety net,” or series of steps to help the student understand the concept.

The first step is a simple hint. The hints are especially helpful in upper levels, where math concepts get more challenging. Parents don’t have to help every time student gets stuck, and kids don’t have to wait around until mom or dad is free to help them. Two thumbs up!

After the hint, students are given a second chance to solve the problem. If they solve the problem correctly, they move on to the next problem. But here’s the best part: If the student still misses the problem, there is a step-by-step solution so they can see exactly where they went wrong.

Screenshot of a Teaching Textbooks homeschool math problem

Yes, there is literally a teacher explanation video for every single problem in every grade level. It’s just like having a tutor there every day to walk your child or teen through their math problems. I can’t even begin to put a price on that!

But what if the student still can’t understand the solution? Never fear! They can talk with a real, live tutor over the phone and get the extra explanation that they need. Amazing!

Automated Grading

One of the best features of Teaching Textbooks 4.0 is its fully automated grading system. Just imagine never having to grade a math paper again!

Not only does automatic grading save you, the parent, valuable time, but it also provides immediate feedback to the student before wrong strategies are reinforced. This problem-by-problem feedback is especially helpful for struggling math students.

Screenshot of Teaching Textbooks gradebook

All grading details are available in the online gradebook. Daily progress reports are also emailed directly to the parent—you don’t even have to log into Teaching Textbooks to check on your child’s progress.

Easy to Use on Mobile Devices

Teaching Textbooks 4.0 is specially designed for use on mobile devices. It works with every device, including Windows, MAC, Chromebook, iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets. And you never have to worry about browser compatibility issues because the program is completely app-based.

Teaching Textbooks works offline, too. This is great news for families who are traveling or who have unreliable internet service.

Middle school boy using laptop to complete homeschool math lesson

What’s New in Teaching Textbooks 4.0 Homeschool Math

1. The Teaching Textbooks ebook has been improved in version 4.0. Now it is easily searchable, making it easy for parents to find any topic they might need. This search feature makes the ebook more useful than a printed textbook—and using the ebook saves on printing costs, too.

2. The new Teaching Textbooks app now has an electronic Scratchpad feature. Students can simply tap a button to open up space to work problems. This is a super useful feature for when you don’t have a pencil and paper handy. Homeschooling in the car, anyone?

3. The program now has lots of new fun features that kids will enjoy, such as new screen wallpapers that unlock as they complete lessons, and animated stickers that unlock in each level.

Middle school boy doing homeschool math problems on laptop

Free Trial of Teaching Textbooks 4.0

Want to try before you buy? Teaching Textbooks offers a FREE trial of the first 15 lessons of any level. You can sign up for as many levels as you’d like, and you can even do free trials of multiple levels at the same time.

You don’t even have to enter your credit card to access the free trial. No gimmicks, no expiration—the first 15 lessons of each level are free forever.

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