Eureka Champs: Programming for Kids

Do you want your kids to start learning to code? Eureka Champs uses games and small-class instruction to teach programming for kids!

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If you would have told me my 8-year-old could learn basic programming skills, I probably would have been a bit skeptical.

I mean, coding requires some pretty advanced thinking skills, right?


BUT . . .

My daughter recently took an online programming class from Eureka Champs. And it was amazing!!

I sat with her through the class and watched as the instructor used simple games to teach foundational programming concepts. And Kiera genuinely loved it.

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Eureka Champs: Programming for Kids

Designed for kids ages 6-10, Eureka Champs Online Coding Classes use programs like Minecraft Education Edition and Tynker to teach basic coding skills in small groups of up to 4 students.

The instructor is able to view the student’s screen, allowing them to give individualized help throughout the class.

Kiera’s instructor was an excellent teacher with a real gift for explaining concepts in an age-appropriate way. She made the lesson seem like a fun game with a new friend.

The small class size and individualized help made learning new skills stress-free and fun for my daughter.

Image of a laptop showing an online coding class using Minecraft Education Edition for kids

By the end of the one-hour programming class, Kiera was able to use simplified code “blocks” to make an animated character walk, jump, and more. It was so exciting for both of us!

I’m not a programmer, but I have a pretty good grasp on basic coding. It was easy to see how the instruction in these classes will be able to move from simplified, pre-written blocks to more in-depth application over time.

But most importantly, Kiera loved the class and immediately told me she wanted to do more.

And that’s really the best testimonial of all.

Image of young girl in purple striped shirt using the mousepad on a laptop to complete an online coding class for kids.

Get Started with Online Coding Classes

Eureka Champs currently offers coding classes for kids aged 6-10. However, in the future they will be expanding to offer classes to kids aged 11-14 as well.

They are also planning to create other coding courses, including Scratch, Python, Java, and website creation. I’m looking forward to seeing these new classes when they become available!

Classes are offered in 8-hour packages at $19.95 USD per hour. (Classes are held once a week for one hour each.)

If you’re new to Eureka Champs, you can get a 20% discount for your first 8-hour package when you use promo code First_Booking.

Eureka Champs also offers a 10% discount for returning students and a 10% discount for referrals. Check out their FAQ section for more details.

Book a FREE Trial Class

If you’d like to try out Eureka Champs and gauge your child’s level of interest in coding, you can book a FREE trial class. No credit card required and no hidden fees—just a full hour of learning and fun!

Image of excited young boy in blue and green striped shirt; overlay text offers a free trial coding class for kids.

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