Pilgrim Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Bring the story of Thanksgiving to life with this Pilgrim toilet paper roll craft! You’ll only need a few supplies and the included printable template to make this craft with your child.

Image of boy and girl Pilgrim figures made from toilet paper rolls; text overlay reads, Pilgrim toilet paper roll craft for kids.

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking of fun crafts to do with the kids.

This cute toilet paper roll Pilgrim craft is perfect for the season—and kids are sure to love it, too!

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What You’ll Need to Make the Pilgrim Toilet Paper Roll Craft

How to Make a Toilet Paper Roll Pilgrim

Step 1

Using the Pilgrim template, trace the collars, heads, girl’s apron, and girl’s hat pieces on white paper. Trace the hair and buckle pieces on yellow paper; trace the boy’s hat, belt, and button pieces on gray paper.

Use scissors to cut out all the traced pieces. Carefully cut slits in the belt buckle and hair pieces as marked on the template.

Image of pieces of yellow, white, gray, and black paper on a white background.

Step 2

Insert the gray belt strip through the slits in the buckle. Bring the buckle to the middle of the belt strip.

Using craft glue, attach the black strip on the front of the hat cutout.

Image of pieces of gray, yellow, and black paper on a white background.

Step 3

Carefully slide the top of the head into the slit in the hair piece, positioning the hair over the top of the head. Attach with a small amount of craft glue.

Image of white construction paper face with yellow paper hair on white background.

Step 4

Attach the paper hat pattern to the top of the head with craft glue.

Image of Pilgrim's head constructed of white paper with yellow paper hair and a gray and black paper hat.

Step 5

Prepare a piece of black paper to wrap around the entire toilet paper roll. (Don’t attach the paper to the toilet paper roll yet.)

For the boy figure: Attach the collar cutout to the top-middle edge of the paper; attach the belt below the collar, and add the button between the belt and the collar.

For the girl figure: Attach the collar cutout to the top-middle edge of the paper; attach the apron and band below the collar, and add the button between the apron and the collar.

Image of pieces of construction paper in black, white, yellow, and gray.

Step 6

Attach the head to the over the top of the collar as shown.

Step 7

Using a pencil, lightly sketch in the eyes, face, and nose of the papercraft figure. Use Sharpie markers to complete the outlines and eyes as desired.

Image of construction paper being assembled to make a Pilgrim boy.

Step 8

Wrap the black paper around the toilet paper roll, keeping the head pattern on the top side. Glue the open ends of the wrapped paper at the back to secure.

Image of girl and boy Pilgrims constructed from empty toilet paper rolls and construction paper in front of a light gray wooden background.

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