Native American Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Remember our country’s earliest people and the first Thanksgiving with this easy Native American toilet paper roll craft.

Image of boy and girl Native American figures made from construction paper and a toilet paper roll. Text overlay reads "How to Make Thanksgiving Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids"

This cute little Native American couple will make a perfect Thanksgiving craft for your younger children.

If you have construction paper, a toilet paper roll, and a few other basic supplies, you’re all set. Just print out the free template and get started!

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What You’ll Need to Make the Native American Toilet Paper Roll Craft

How to Make a Toilet Paper Roll Native American

Step 1

Using the Native American template, trace the head on brown (skin tone) construction paper. Trace the hair on black paper. Trace the rest of the pieces on orange, red, and brown papers as shown.

Cut out the traced pieces.

Image of cut-out pieces of construction paper to make Native American toilet paper craft

Step 2

Attach the small triangle cutouts on the belt pattern as shown.

Attach the 2 feather cutouts together, partially overlapping.

Image of construction paper belt and feathers for Native American craft.

Step 3

Prepare a piece of paper to entirely wrap the toilet paper roll. Attach the collar cutout in the middle near the top of the paper as shown.

Attach the feather patterns on the top edge of the headband cutout.

Image of gray construction paper being formed into the clothing of a Native American figure.

Step 4

Cut a slit along the inner line (yellow line on template) of the hair pattern. Slide the top end of the head into the slit. Secure with glue.

Image of brown and black construction paper pieces being attached for form head of Native American figure.

Step 5

Attach the feather headband over the hair part of the head pattern. 

Image of Native American craft figure's head with headband and orange feathers.

Step 6

Attach the eye cutouts to the face. Use a Sharpie to draw the nose and mouth of the papercraft figure.

Image of head of Native American papercraft.

Step 7

Attach the head pattern to the top side of the base paper, right above the collar pattern.

Image of construction paper figure of Native American boy, ready to attach to toilet paper roll.

Step 8

Wrap the finished paper design around the toilet paper roll, keeping the head pattern above the top edge.

Repeat with second figure.

Image of toilet paper roll crafts representing a boy and girl Native American.

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