Affordable Homeschool Science Membership

Whether you are a new homeschooling parent or an experienced one who just wants to mix up your science curriculum a bit, this homeschool science membership can help!

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Teaching science is a challenge for many homeschooling parents.

Maybe you’re like me and don’t have a strong background in science, especially at the high school level. Maybe you’re just more interested in English, history, or even math (yep, that’s me, too!).

Thankfully you don’t have to love science, understand physics, or know how to dissect a frog to be able to teach homeschool science.

When my son was in middle school, we enrolled him in some excellent online science classes from Greg Landry’s Homeschool Science (Young Scientist Anatomy & Physiology and Young Scientist Biology).

Now both of these courses—plus MANY other middle/high school science classes—are available in an affordable homeschool science membership that the entire family can enjoy for one monthly fee.

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Greg Landry’s Homeschool Science Membership

Greg Landry’s Homeschool Science Membership is a convenient way to cover science for the entire family in one stop. Membership includes a large selection of high-quality science courses for students in grades 4-12.

Christian Instructor

The owner and instructor is Greg Landry, a Christian homeschool dad with a passion for teaching kids and teens. He holds a master of science degree from Louisiana State University and has had multiple scientific papers published. (In other words, he knows his stuff.)

Mr. Landry uses his education and experience to make science understandable, even for elementary students. My son has learned so much through the classes he has taken!

As an added bonus, Mr. Landry is always available to answer questions from students or parents. This is a huge relief for parents like me who don’t have a strong science background.

Affordable Pricing

Greg Landry’s Homeschool Science Membership has a unique pricing structure that makes it affordable for homeschool families to use long-term. The monthly fee actually decreases the longer that you are a member!

For one monthly fee, your entire family gets access to ALL the courses in the membership. This is a fantastic offer for large families who otherwise might not be able to afford online science courses for all their kids.

Everything needed for the courses is included in the membership . . . no need to purchase textbooks or lab supplies. You won’t need to spend a dime above the cost of the monthly membership. Awesome!

Image of teen boy completing a homeschool biology worksheet

Greg Landry’s Science Membership Courses

Greg Landry’s Homeschool Science Membership currently includes access to 15 self-paced online science courses, with more to be added in the future.

At the upper elementary/middle school level, the Young Scientist classes provide in-depth teaching to build a solid science foundation.

At the high school level, there are a wide variety of full-credit courses, as well as shorter courses that would make great electives.

Self-Paced Online Science Courses for Grades 4-7

  • Young Scientist Anatomy & Physiology (see our review here)
  • Young Scientist Biology (see our review here)
  • Young Scientist Chemistry
  • Young Scientist Physics
  • Young Scientist Earth and Space Science

Self-Paced Online Science Courses for Grades 8-12

Full-year high school courses (1 credit):

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Anatomy and Physiology

Half-semester high school courses (.25 credit):

  • Biochemistry and Microbiology
  • Embryology and Endocrinology
  • Earth and Space Science
  • Exercise and Sports Physiology
  • Marine Science
Image of teen boy sitting at a table viewing a biology lesson on a laptop

Virtual Science Labs

The homeschool science membership also includes several very cool virtual homeschool science labs to go along with the high school science courses:

  • Biology/Anatomy & Physiology Virtual Lab
  • Chemistry Virtual Lab
  • Physics Virtual Lab

BONUS! Online Christian Resources for the Entire Family

Membership also includes free access to several other resources for Christian families (parents and children of all ages).

  • FaithLife TV: Science and creation videos, as well as documentaries
  • Right Now Media: A streaming library of over 20,000 videos for Bible study and teaching
  • Dwell Bible App: Audio Bible app with choice of versions and readers
Closeup image of a laptop screen showing a human anatomy and physiology lesson with a diagram of the muscular system

Mr. Landry’s Homeschool Science Freebies

Mr. Landry has several helpful homeschool science freebies that you won’t want to miss. While you’re there, you can also check out the virtual science lab for yourself—let your students try it out, too!

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