Self-Paced Online Science Classes for Grades 4-7

Nurture your child’s love of science with these self-paced online classes from College Prep Science.

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What do you do when your tween loves science . . . but YOU prefer English, or even math, or basically anything other than science?

You enroll them in online science classes, of course!

Yes, you absolutely CAN teach science on your own. But unless you LOVE science yourself, you probably can’t teach it as effectively as a teacher who lives and breathes the subject.

Thankfully there are some excellent homeschool science classes online for Christian homeschool students. I’m happy to share more with you today about the one we have been using.

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Where to find a homeschool science class online

My 12-year-old son recently completed an online biology class from College Prep Science. The instructor, Mr. Greg Landry, is a Christian homeschool dad and science teacher who truly enjoys the subject.

Mr. Landry has taught science on the college level and holds a master of science degree from Louisiana State University. His educational background and homeschooling experience help him make science understandable for students while also preparing them for higher level courses.

College Prep Science offers several self-paced online classes for grades 4-7:

  • Young Scientist Biology
  • Young Scientist Chemistry
  • Young Scientist Physics
  • Young Scientist Anatomy & Physiology (see our full review)
  • Young Scientist Earth & Space Science

Note: These classes are also available as part of Greg Landry’s Homeschool Science Membership. For one monthly fee, your entire family can access 14 different homeschool science curriculums for middle/high school.

Middle grade student watching Young Scientist Biology lesson online

About Young Scientist Biology from College Prep Science

My science-loving son recently completed the Young Scientist Biology course, his second course from College Prep Science.

He genuinely loved Mr. Landry’s teaching and was fascinated by the content that was covered in the class. In Weston’s own words: “He taught on my level.”

In fact, Weston enjoyed the classes so much that we are already discussing enrolling him in another College Prep Science course in the upcoming school year.

What Is Covered in Young Scientist Biology?

Young Scientist Biology covers everything you would expect in a biology course at this level, including:

  • the scientific method
  • the cell
  • mitosis
  • organelles
  • photosynthesis
  • cellular respiration
  • DNA and genetics
  • plants
  • animals

The entire course is taught from a Biblical perspective, with a focus on glorifying God through studying His creation. This is exactly the way that I want my kids to learn science!

Tween boy filling out biology worksheet about plant structure

How Does Young Scientist Biology Class Work?

Students begin by watching the pre-recorded video lesson taught by Mr. Landry. These lessons are not overly long (usually 20-30 minutes), but they are definitely detailed and in-depth.

Many times Weston would stop the video to come tell me something new he had learned. These conversations usually began with, “Did you know . . . ” (And often, I didn’t!)

The class also includes a printable study guide with questions to answer, diagrams to label, and more. The study guide is colorful and engaging; even as an adult, I found myself drawn to the pages.

Mr. Landry encourages the students to complete each lesson’s study guide from memory as much as possible, making it an excellent way to review what has been covered in the video.

Weston was surprisingly enthusiastic about taking notes during lessons, because “Mr. Landry said we should take notes.” This in itself was an excellent learning experience for him, since (as we all know) homeschool kids tend to get very little practice with note-taking.

Young Scientist Biology has been a wonderful addition to our homeschool this year. I love that my son is getting a solid science education from someone who really knows and understands the subject.

Freebies from College Prep Science

Mr. Landry is offering some valuable homeschool science freebies that you won’t want to miss, including several cool infographic lessons with audio and printable worksheets!

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