First Grade Addition Workbooks

Develop math fact fluency in just minutes each day with these fun first grade addition worksheets from Page A Day Math.

Child using pencil to trace math facts in addition workbook

As homeschool parents, we know that math fact fluency is the foundation for success in math.

While it can be helpful for kids to know how to use tools (like this addition chart) to find answers to addition facts, the end goal should always be for them to automatically know the answers.

I recently discovered the wonderful, easy-to-use math fact workbooks from Page A Day Math. My 6-year-old daughter is using them to master the addition facts—and she absolutely loves them!

Smiling girl holding a small, colorful math workbook

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First Grade Addition Workbooks from Page A Day Math

Fact practice is often one of the most dreaded parts of homeschool math. And it’s no wonder, really. Flash cards and timed drills can be tedious, repetitive, and . . . boring.

But the Page A Day Math Addition & Counting Kit is different! These easy-to-use workbooks are engaging, colorful, and low-stress—the perfect tool to help younger learners master addition facts.

The kit includes 10 addition workbooks in a handy storage box. Each workbook contains practice pages for 14 days, with a total of 140 days of math fact practice in the set.

This is a comprehensive math fact fluency curriculum. Use it alongside whatever math curriculum you are currently using, or use it alone to build a solid foundation for further math instruction.

Little girl sitting at table writing math facts in an addition workbook

Daily fact practice

Page A Day Math workbooks are designed to be used every day for consistent learning and review. Each day’s work includes 24 problems, which can easily be completed in 10-15 minutes (or less!).

Each day kids learn just one new fact, NOT a whole fact family. This makes it so much easier for kids to learn and retain math facts.

Review facts are interspersed with the newly learned fact on each page, ensuring that students are genuinely mastering the facts and not just writing answers by rote. Love this!

Small format workbooks

The Page a Day math workbooks are smaller than the standard page size, making them easy to tuck into a purse or backpack for learning away from home. The smaller format also makes them less overwhelming to younger learners.

Easy to use independently

These first grade addition workbooks are a snap for kids to use independently. Each day’s new fact is presented conceptually using cute dog bone illustrations that help kids visualize the math fact.

Each problem on the page is printed in a light, solid line for kids to trace before they write the answer. Tracing the addends and math symbols makes this program so much more effective than other math worksheets where students only write the answers to each fact.

Encourages proper number formation

Each math fact’s answer is written in a small box with grids to help kids form the numbers properly. I’ve noticed a big difference in my daughter’s number formation since we started using these workbooks!

Child using a pencil to copy math facts in an addition workbook

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