DIY Felt Christmas Tree Ornament

Looking for a meaningful handicraft to make with your child before Christmas? This DIY felt Christmas tree ornament is a fun way to practice basic stitching skills while making memories together.

Image of green felt Christmas tree with snowflake embroidery on white background; text overlay says, "Christmas felt tree handicraft for kids."

Christmas time is just around the corner, and it’s a great idea to plan ahead for creative projects to do with your child.

This felt Christmas tree handicraft is a festive project that kids will enjoy making. They will be so proud to display their handmade holiday decor!

These cute trees also make special gifts to give to family members or friends. (There’s nothing that grandparents love more than handmade gifts from their grandchild!)

If your child is new to sewing, don’t be afraid to give this felt tree a try. There are detailed step-by-step instructions and a free printable template to keep things simple and fun.

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Image of green felt Christmas tree with snowflake embroidery in white on a light wooden background.

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What You’ll Need to Make a Felt Christmas Tree Ornament

Image of green and brown felt, a spool of green thread, white embroidery floss, scissors, and a needle on a white background.

How to Make a DIY Felt Christmas Tree Ornament

Step 1

Select green and brown felt pieces (or your choice of color). Using the Christmas tree pattern, trace the square shape on brown felt; trace the tree patterns on green felt.

Carefully cut out the traced pieces.

Image of two felt Christmas tree shapes with a brown felt piece for the trunk, all on a white background.

Step 2

Use a pencil or a marker to draw a simple snowflake pattern on one of the tree pieces. Prepare needle with white thread to embroider the snowflake on the felt tree.

Begin the embroidery work from the center of the snowflake pattern. Work your way toward the outer edge, embroidering each arm of the snowflake.

Optional: To give the snowflake pattern a more festive look, add white seed beads around the embroidery. Simply stitch the beads around the snowflake using matching thread.

Image of green felt Christmas tree cutout and a needle filled with white embroidery floss.

Step 3

Take the remaining felt tree piece and place the log cutout on the bottom edge, slightly overlapping the 2 pieces.

Image of 2 green felt Christmas tree cutouts, one with a snowflake embroidered in white on the front, and the other with a piece of brown felt attached for a trunk.

Step 4

Place the embroidered felt tree on the top of the other 2 pieces. Prepare needle with green thread.

Begin stitching the edges of all pieces together with a flat blanket stitch, beginning at the bottom and attaching the log first.

Image of green felt Christmas tree with brown felt trunk being sewed together with green thread.

Step 5

After stitching the log, begin stitching up one side. Continue sewing until you’re almost back to the starting point, leaving a small opening for stuffing the felt tree.

Image of green felt Christmas tree with brown felt trunk being sewed together with green thread.

Step 6

Use cotton or Poly-fil to stuff the felt tree (small scraps of felt will also work nicely).

Stitch the opening closed to secure the stuffing. Tie 2 knots and cut off extra thread.

Image of green felt Christmas tree being stuffed with red scraps of felt and then sewed together with green thread.

Step 7

Create a loop with a small piece of ribbon and attach it on the back side of the felt tree to complete the ornament. Enjoy your beautiful Christmas tree craft!

Image of finished plush Christmas tree ornament with white ribbon hanging loop on a light wooden background.

Merry Christmas!

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