Free Printable Creation Timeline Page

Creation Timeline Page (2)

If you use timeline notebooks in your homeschool, you’ve probably already noticed that there is never enough space to fit in all the events of the Creation week. My friend Kathy suggested making a separate page for Creation . . . what a great idea!

This Creation timeline page was designed to match the free printable Timeline Notebook Pages that many of you are already using. It could also be used on its own as part of a Creation unit study or Sunday School project.

Please note that I have not attempted to give a firm date for Creation. This is such a topic of debate among Bible scholars that I decided to skip a date altogether. You can easily add the date of your choice right above the timeline if you wish.

Download the Creation Timeline Page

The Creation timeline page is available in two versions: lined and unlined. Choose whichever will best meet your needs.

Fullscreen capture 5132014 95730 AM-002

Creation Timeline Page (Lined)


Fullscreen capture 5132014 95741 AM-002

Creation Timeline Page (Unlined)


Looking for more Creation-themed resources? You can also download free printable Creation notebooking pages to add to your study!

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  1. Would you consider placing Creation at the far left of the first page, instead of the center?