How to Get Out the Door Without Losing Your Sanity

Does trying to leave your house feel like a losing battle? Try these easy solutions to get out the door on time with your sanity intact!

Wall organizer with mirror, blackboard, and corkboard on white wall

Every homeschool mom I know struggles to get out the door. Whether it is for a field trip, dentist appointment, or church service, it seems that something happens in the last 5 minutes to make everyone late.

Maybe one of the kids can’t find their shoes . . . or the teen can’t get in the bathroom to comb their hair.

Or maybe someone misplaced the tickets or important papers that are needed that day . . . or (please, NO!) mom can’t find the car keys.

We’ve all been there. But I promise there is a way to organize everything you need in order to get out the door on time and save your sanity!

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How to Get Organized So You Can Get Out the Door Fast

The key to smooth exits is keeping everything you need in one place. For most people, the best place for a “departure station” is near the door. However, if you don’t have room to keep everything near the door, you can choose any spot that works for you.

Four things you need to make leaving the house a snap:

  1. Wall hooks (for coats and bags)
  2. Shoe rack (for shoes)
  3. Basket
  4. Wall organizer

Entryway with coat rack, shoe rack, and wall organizer

Wall Hooks

Wall hooks are a fantastic way to keep coats and bags right where you need them. Hooks can also be used for umbrellas, dog leashes, and other miscellaneous items that hang easily.

You don’t have to get fancy with your wall hooks, either. We use a rustic farmhouse coat rack in our entryway, but you could use something as simple and inexpensive as Command large utility hooks.

Shoe Rack

An attractive shoe rack with a flat surface on top can double as shoe storage and an entryway table. We have this Vasagle shoe organizer and I highly recommend it. It is super sturdy and holds 15 pairs of shoes—perfect for family use!

Wall organizer hanging on white wall above a shoe rack


Every “departure station” needs a basket or bin to collect papers and other small items that you might need on your way out the door.

I absolutely love the rustic wire and wood basket that sits on the top of our shoe rack. Today it is holding some paperwork that I need to take with me when I go to the lab, as well as a couple books that need to be returned when we go to church on Sunday.

Think through what else you might need at the last minute as you leave the house, and add these to the basket as well.

A few ideas:

  • Small container of safety pins
  • Car charger for electronics
  • Lint roller
  • Lip balm

Wall organizer with blackboard and mirror hanging on white wall

Wall Organizer

A well-designed wall organizer is very helpful in keeping everything at your fingertips so you can leave the house quickly and easily.

When shopping for a wall organizer, look for features such as:

  • A calendar
  • A whiteboard or blackboard for writing a menu, grocery list, or other notes
  • A corkboard for tacking up small papers or cards, such as appointment reminders
  • Hooks for keys and other small items
  • A place for storing pens and markers

THE CASEY Wall Organizer

My favorite wall organizer is THE CASEY Wall Organizer from 1THRIVE. I love that it is so easy to use and customize!

When using a 1THRIVE wall organizer (or command center), all you have to do is hang the frame with the included hardware. And it is super easy to hang—I was able to easily do it myself.

After hanging the frame, you can add and arrange the various organizer pieces. Each piece has hooks on the back, which hook over the bars on the frame. You can add, remove, or rearrange pieces as often as you like. It really couldn’t be easier!

Almost all of the wall organizer pieces are magnetic and work with the 1WRITE liquid chalk markers (included).

I especially love that this wall organizer includes a mirror for those last-minute hair touch-ups when the bathroom is full. (Notice the hairbrush in the bottom bucket!)

Wall organizer with blackboard, hanging buckets, and succulents on a shelf

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