Thiel College: Great Option for Homeschool Grads

Thiel College is a private, homeschool-friendly college with a small-class learning environment and excellent student-teacher ratio.

Low brick wall with the words Thiel College, in front of a college building

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One of the top concerns of many homeschool families is making sure that their kids can get into college after graduation.

Thankfully many colleges now recognize the capabilities of homeschool graduates. As one gentleman associated with a small Christian college told me, “Homeschoolers are our top students . . . they know how to LEARN.”

What a fantastic testimonial about the quality and benefits of homeschooling!

But what about secular colleges? Are they as welcoming and enthusiastic about homeschoolers? Yes, many of them are!

One such college is Thiel College, a private, homeschool-friendly college in Pennsylvania.

Photo of Thiel College campus entrance, with a college building in the background

About Thiel College

Thiel College is located in the small community of Greenville in Mercer County, Pennsylvania. As a PA resident myself, I can tell you that Mercer County is a great blend of town and country, making it an ideal location for a college campus.

Thiel College is only a 90-minute drive from both Pittsburgh and Cleveland, where there are a multitude of educational opportunities for students, including:

  • internships
  • service learning
  • educational trips
  • cultural experiences

At the same time, the college’s location allows students to enjoy nature and outdoor activities in the beautiful western Pennsylvania countryside. If your homeschool grad is accustomed to country living, Thiel College’s unique location is definitely a plus!

Colorful chairs on the lawn at Thiel College, with college buildings in the background

About Thiel College Faculty and Programs

Thiel College has an impressive 11:1 student-faculty ratio, which benefits students by increasing their access to professors. In addition, faculty members are highly qualified, with 80% of them holding the highest degree in their field.

Another benefit of Thiel’s excellent student-faculty ratio is smaller classes. In fact, 70% of classes have fewer than 20 students, making it an excellent environment for homeschool students who may be used to smaller co-op classes.

Thiel College offers more than 60 areas of studies, including majors in the following:

  • Business and accounting
  • Communications
  • Education
  • Health sciences
  • Humanities
  • Social studies
  • Sciences
  • Math
  • Computer science

About Thiel College Students

The majority of Thiel College students—about 95%—live on campus. No matter where they live, though, they can benefit from the college’s robust enrichment program.

Every student completes at least one internship or a practicum prior to their graduation. They also have the opportunity to study abroad.

But what about after graduation?

A full 95% of Thiel College graduates report that they are employed or studying in their field within 3 months of graduation.

In addition, graduates often go on to study at top institutions like Duke, Harvard, Oxford, University of Chicago, Vanderbilt, or Yale.

Low brick wall with the words Thiel College, with a college building in the background

More About Thiel College

Thiel College joins Carnegie Mellon, University of Pittsburgh and Princeton as premier institutions recognized by the Dietrich Foundation for their commitment to higher education and championing student success.

Thiel’s invitation-only Dietrich Honors Institute offers a custom curriculum developed for its members.

Thiel College also consistently appears on the Forbes list of Grateful Grad Colleges: The Top 200 Show-Me-The-Money Schools.

If you are interested in learning more about the opportunities for homeschool grads at Thiel College, please click the button below. I know they would love to answer any questions you may have!

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