Teaching the Birth of Christ with Grapevine Studies

Little boy drawing stick figures

As a mother, I want to help my children keep Christ in Christmas and understand the true meaning of the season. I’m especially excited to be able to share the Christmas story with my four-year-old, Weston, who is too young to remember ever hearing about the birth of Jesus.

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Teaching the Birth of Christ with Grapevine Studies

Grapevine Studies has just released a new traceable version of their Birth of Christ study. Traceable outlines make it easy for even preschoolers to stick figure their way through the Christmas story.

The Birth of Christ traceable study is simple to teach and requires minimal preparation. The teacher’s manual presents the lesson in a ready-to-teach format, including Scripture references, key points, and sample stick figures.

Screenshot of Grapevine Studies teacher manual

During each lesson students read or listen to several Bible passages and draw a stick figure representing each passage. Each lesson includes review questions and ends with a memory verse that is related to the lesson.

Features include:

  • Timeline work
  • Review questions and answers
  • Scripture memorization
  • Vocabulary words
  • Mapwork
Child's hands drawing stick figures on a Grapevine Studies worksheet

Using Grapevine Studies with Preschoolers

If you are using the Birth of Christ traceable study with a preschooler, you may need to adapt the material to suit the age of your child. Because Weston is only four, I chose to simplify the study to make it more enjoyable for him.

  • We skipped the timeline entirely. I felt that using the timeline would present too many events at one time for him to comprehend. In addition, it would have become tedious for him with his shorter attention span.
  • We only completed half a lesson at a time. Again, his four-year-old attention span was just better suited to a shorter lesson.
  • We did not memorize the suggested Scripture verses. A four-year-old is definitely capable of Scripture memorization. However, I felt that he would benefit most by learning about the first Christmas in a simple retelling of the story.
  • We skipped the vocabulary words and mapwork. These activities are obviously intended for older children. 
Little boy drawing stick figures on Grapevine Studies worksheet

Weston LOVED using the Birth of Christ traceable study! Earlier in the school year he had attempted to stick figure along with the older children’s lessons, but it was such a struggle for him to create the figures on his own. These traceable pages are the perfect way for him to enjoy hands-on Bible study.

Thank you, Grapevine Studies!

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