Study Guides for G. A. Henty Books

Study Guides for G. A. Henty Books

Today we’re welcoming Mr. Jim Hodges, owner and voice of Jim Hodges Audio Books. Mr. Hodges publishes the largest collection of unabridged recordings of G.A. Henty historical novels available; he has also recently released a series of study guides for the Henty books.

I’ve been a huge fan of Henty for almost 15 years. My first unabridged recording of one of his books (With Lee in Virginia) was released in December, 1999, and I’ve been recording them ever since.

To me, the Henty novels are wonderful because they really do teach multiple subjects at once; primarily history, but that is quickly followed by vocabulary and language arts, geography, and character qualities.

How Henty Helps with History, Geography, Language, and Character

Learn how G. A. Henty’s books can help with history and more.

The downside of them (till now) has been documenting what has been learned through reading or listening to them. The Study Guides we’ve produced take that issue completely off the table. Just released in January, they are available as downloads only. I investigated print editions and they would be just too expensive.

Study Guides for G. A. Henty Books

Each Study Guide has an assignment for each chapter of the book. At the end of each Guide is a Teacher Answer Key AND a one page document with 49 Character Qualities and their definitions.

Each assignment includes:

  • A list of vocabulary words from that chapter (in the order they appear in the chapter)
  • Numerous questions and spaces to write answers
  • A list of suggested activities

 Study guides for G. A. Henty novels

The Study Guide questions are based on logic, comprehension, inference, character’s actions, sequencing, drawing conclusions, etc. The activities and questions often include the vocabulary words listed at the beginning of each chapter assignment.

Activities include all skill areas (history, geography, literature, math, art) that can comfortably be worked in. Some activities are hands-on, some include writing skills, and some are sequential, continuing throughout the entire book. Each chapter has at least 3 activities in order to give the student choices.

The Study Guides contain crossword puzzles and simple worksheets as needed, and  include quizzes every five chapters and a test at the end of the book. There are also links to free sites for notebooking, resources, lapbooks, or anything “free” that relates to the book or activities.

The Cat of Bubastes - G. A. Henty

See the Study Guide assignment for Lesson 1 of The Cat of Bubastes

Study Guides are available for ten G. A. Henty books:

  1. The Cat of Bubastes
  2. For the Temple
  3. The Dragon and The Raven
  4. Winning His Spurs
  5. In Freedom’s Cause
  6. By Right of Conquest
  7. Under Drake’s Flag
  8. With Wolfe in Canada
  9. In The Reign of Terror
  10. With Lee in Virginia

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  1. Sara Davis says:

    So where does one get the study guides?

    1. Judy Hoch says:

      Thanks for letting me know that the study guides were hard to find! I added a few links to the post that will make it much easier for everyone to find them. 🙂

      1. Gina Jankowski says:

        Where are the study guide links?

        1. Judy Hoch says:

          Gina, I’m not able to find the study guides either. Your best bet would be to click through and contact the owner of the other site directly.

  2. Sara Davis says:

    Ok, never mind. I found them.

  3. Im confused about the difference between the study guide and the vocabulary list. What is included in the vocabulary list that is NOT already in the study guide and why are they priced out separately?

    1. Judy Hoch says:

      My understanding is that the vocab list is in the study guide, but I’m not 100% sure.

  4. I am not finding the study guides. Are they still available?

      1. That link does not appear to be working. It’s a shame because I was excited about using these guides.