The Easiest Way for Kids to Learn Spanish

Your child doesn’t have to wait until high school to begin learning a second language. Use this interactive Spanish app for kids to make learning Spanish fun!

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When should you begin to teach your child a foreign language? Not surprisingly, research clearly indicates that earlier is better.

Studies have shown that younger children are able to pick up a second language more easily than older kids. In addition, those who begin learning a new language earlier tend to speak more fluently than those who start later.

I admit I’ve been very hesitant to start learning a foreign language with my kids. After all, there’s no way I can teach what I don’t know. Right?

Well, actually there IS a way! I recently discovered a fun Spanish app for kids that actually helps them learn the language all on their own.

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FabuLingua: Interactive Spanish App for Kids

FabuLingua has developed an excellent app for families who need a simple, no-stress way to help their kids learn Spanish.

Designed for ages 2-10, the FabuLingua App uses interactive stories to help kids develop Spanish language skills.

Story-based learning

Research shows that reading to our young children helps them develop their vocabulary and language skills. But did you know that the same principle also applies to learning a second language?

In the words of FabuLingua’s founders, “Extensive early-childhood reading can develop proficiency in the second language (so long as its comprehensible).”

Using the trademarked Magical Translations method, the FabuLingua App uses story-reading to help kids learn Spanish almost effortlessly. Kids SEE the Spanish text and HEAR the text read aloud, first in Spanish and then in English.

The Magical Translations method of reading and listening can be much more effective that the traditional memorization-based approach of most language programs.

My nine-year-old daughter, an avid reader, really enjoyed FabuLingua’s story-reading approach to learning Spanish!

Girl's hands holding smartphone with FabuLingua App on screen

Familiar game-style format

Today’s kids spend quite a bit of time using electronic devices. The FabuLingua App capitalizes on kids’ familiarity with electronics, using an interactive format that is similar to the games that many kids play every day.

Kids can use the app on either a smartphone or a tablet. I love that we don’t have to pull out the laptop every time we want to use the program. Super convenient!

Immersive learning

Research tells us that language immersion is the best way to learn a foreign language. In fact, people who learn via immersion are significantly more fluent than those who learn in a traditional classroom.

The FabuLingua App provides an excellent immersive learning environment. The Spanish language is not taught as a separate subject with vocabulary and grammar rules to memorize.

Instead kids are “immersed” in the language by hearing stories and instructions in Spanish, followed by English. This enables them to learn both vocabulary and grammatical structure naturally without memorization.

Young girl using FabuLingua App on smartphone

Bottom Line: The FabuLingua App is the easiest, most cost-effective method I’ve seen for helping kids learn a second language.

Get Started with FabuLingua App

FabuLingua is currently offering their app completely FREE to all users!

In light of current events, and with many schools closed for the foreseeable future, we at FabuLingua have made the decision to make our app open and completely free to all users, while this is an active situation. (Read more)

FabuLingua offers monthly, bi-annual, or yearly subscriptions at a VERY affordable price. When you subscribe, you also receive a FREE month of access to the FabuLingua App. Sweet deal!

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