Printable Blank Addition Chart (0-12)

Free printable blank addition chart

For many children, mastering the basic addition facts is a process that requires time and patience. Consistent practice using a variety of methods is the key to fact mastery.

This blank addition chart for 0-12 is a great tool for addition fact practice. It’s a nice change of pace from flash cards or addition worksheets. Students simply add together each pair of numbers and write the sum in the appropriate box.

I recommend laminating the printed chart so it can be used over and over again with dry-erase markers. Of course, you could also print several copies to be used with a pencil instead.

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Printable Blank Addition Chart (0-12)

Blank addition chart

Addition Chart 0-12 (Blank)

A printable blank addition chart for 0-9 is also available. Be sure to check out our other FREE math printables, too!

More Tools for Mastering Addition Facts

Addition Wrap-Ups

Addition Wrap-Ups are an excellent alternative to flashcards. Not only are they more fun, but they are also self-correcting, making them easy for kids to use independently.

Hot Dots Addition Flash Cards

Hot Dots Addition Flash Cards combine the effectiveness of flash cards with the convenience of independent learning. Kids can practice addition facts from 0-9 with immediate feedback from the Hot Dots Talking Pen.

Write and Wipe Fact Family Boards

Write and Wipe Fact Family Boards are an easy way to practice math facts while also reinforcing the relationship between addition and subtraction. Use a dry-erase marker to write in the fact families you want your child to practice; wipe clean to reuse.

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