Reading Eggs: Online Reading Lessons for Kids

Reading Eggs: Online Reading Lessons for Kids

Learning to read doesn’t have to be drudgery! Even for a child who may be struggling to master reading skills, online reading lessons can provide extra reading practice and a healthy boost of self-confidence.

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Reading Eggs: Online Reading Lessons for Kids

Reading Eggs is a website with fun online reading lessons for kids. The interactive program is designed to help kids ages 2-13 build phonics skills and reading fluency.

The reading lessons start at the beginning, allowing young children to begin learning basic reading skills with no prior experience. Older children, or those who have been introduced to letters and sounds, may take a placement test to ensure they start at the appropriate level.

Online reading lessons

Reading Eggs uses attractive graphics and animations to capture a child’s interest. The program includes hundreds of reading lessons PLUS thousands of fun learning activities, which can be repeated as often as desired in order to reinforce learning.

Oral instructions make it simple for a pre-reader to work alone and navigate through the activities. Word choices are narrated on mouse-over, enabling the child without reading experience to work independently.

2 little girls using laptop for online reading lessons

The lessons progress fairly rapidly, moving from sounds to words, and even ordering words into simple sentences. Activities may be repeated as often as needed, allowing the child to master each lesson before moving on.

The parent dashboard allows parents to monitor their child’s progress with detailed reports, approximate reading age, quiz scores, and more.

Reading Eggs parent dashboard

Why Kids Love Reading Eggs

1. Familiar Game-Style Format

Reading Eggs is engaging and colorful, very similar to the on-screen games that many kids play every day. The only real difference is that this game actually helps them learn to read! No time-wasting here!

Learning takes place while students have fun. Shh! They might not even realize they are learning if you don’t tell them.

2. Self-Paced Program

Reading Eggs allows kids to progress at their own pace and to repeat activities as often as needed. This individualized learning takes the pressure off for kids who may be struggling to master reading skills.

Whether your child is acing reading at four, or still working to master the basics at a later age, Reading Eggs allows them to build confidence and move ahead at their own pace.

Online reading games

3. Convenience of Use

Although my kids use Reading Eggs on a laptop computer, it is also completely functional on a tablet as well. This is super convenient when traveling, or when more than one child wants to “play” at the same time. Yes, this WILL happen!!

4. Independent Learning

Unlike some online games, Reading Eggs is easy for younger learners to use independently. The directions for each activity are narrated, allowing pre-readers to listen and then complete the lessons and activities on their own. Big plus for busy parents!

Get Started with Reading Eggs

Want to try out Reading Eggs for yourself? Sign up for a FREE 2-week trial!

During the free trial, your child will have access to all four programs:

  1. Reading Eggs Junior (ages 2-4)
  2. Reading Eggs (ages 3-7)
  3. Reading Eggspsress (ages 7-13)
  4. Mathseeds (ages 3-9)

Sign up for your free trial of Reading Eggs today!

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