Knowre: Online Math Practice for Homeschool

Knowre: Online Math Practice for Homeschool

It seems a bit laughable now, but I never expected math to be a hurdle in our homeschool. I assumed that because I understood and enjoyed math, I’d be able to help my children succeed with math, too.

It didn’t work out quite that simply.

I worked hard to find math strategies that would work for my kids, including allowing them to use handy addition charts and multiplication charts.

The best decision I made, though, was to step back and allow the kids to learn math independently. I’ve found that DVD instruction and online math resources are excellent alternatives—or additions—to any homeschool math curriculum.

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Knowre: Online Math Practice for Homeschool

Knowre is a fun and engaging online math practice resource. Users can access Knowre online (no software to download!) or through a convenient iPad app.

Each subscription includes access to all levels:

  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra I
  • Geometry
  • Algebra II

With its familiar game-style format—very similar to the video games teens and tweens love—Knowre is both fun and intuitive to use.

Try this fun online math practice app for pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry!

Students enter Knowre through the Base Camp, where they can choose their curriculum and monitor their progress. Then they can navigate through the curriculum using a map to move from lesson to lesson.

Each lesson includes a brief, to-the-point video presenting the new concept. Collin mentioned that he found the videos very helpful as he moved through the pre-algebra curriculum.

Following the video, students complete practice problems to check their understanding and reinforce the new concept. Then they move on to real-life application problems, which takes the learning to a deeper level.

If students get stuck, they have immediate access to a step-by-step tutorial that walks them through the problem in baby steps. Love this feature!

If a problem is missed, the student can try again with a similar problem, allowing them to practice and deepen their learning. Solutions are displayed after each problem is completed.

Knowre online math practice is a great supplement to any homeschool math curriculum

Top 3 Benefits of Knowre Online Math Practice

1. Encourages independent learning

At the junior high and high school levels, students are ready to work independently most of the time. Knowre is a simple way to allow teens and tweens to develop independent learning skills. Bonus: Frees up mom’s time, too!

2. Includes real-life application problems

It is vitally important that students—especially older students—move beyond simply answering math questions on a worksheet. They NEED to be able to apply math to real-life situations. That’s the whole purpose of math, right?

I love that Knowre’s application problems are in-depth and challenging, providing students with the opportunity to apply their math knowledge in real-life ways.

3. Provides complete solutions

I’m not gonna lie to you . . . I don’t remember every single thing I learned in high school math. I’m guessing that I’m not the only one that has gotten a little rusty over the years!

Knowre takes the headache out of trying to remember those long-ago algebra or geometry lessons by providing complete solutions for every problem. Big plus!

Online math practice for homeschool

Subscribe to Knowre

You can subscribe to Knowre for only $29 per user per year! This special introductory offer expires August 31, 2017.

Each user license is for one person and is valid for one year. The license begins on the day you sign up for an account and automatically expires one year from date of sign-up.

Each user receives access to all levels:

  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra I
  • Geometry
  • Algebra II

Enter to Win a Knowre Subscription

Knowre math subscriptions

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