Online ASL Classes That Homeschoolers Will Love

Your homeschooled kids can learn American Sign Language without leaving home, thanks to these awesome online ASL classes from Mr. D Math.

Image of young girl watching an online ASL class on a laptop, and signing along; text overlay reads, How homeschoolers can learn ASL with online classes from Mr. D Math.

Lately my 12-year-old daughter has been interested in learning American Sign Language. She had taught herself a handful of basic words using ASL flash cards, but she told me often that she wanted to learn more.

Now, I don’t know much about sign language, but I did know that she needed more than just flash cards to learn to sign well. She needed to be able to actually see the signs demonstrated in order to learn ASL properly.

Thankfully we found an amazing online ASL course for homeschoolers that has helped her learn so much–and she enjoys it, too!

Image of young girl signing along with an online ASL class on a laptop.

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Online ASL Classes for Homeschoolers

We’ve been fans of Mr. D Math for some time now, so I was delighted that he had a self-paced ASL course available (because no, we don’t have time for another trip to yet another lesson).

If you’re familiar with Mr. D, you know that his specialty is teaching math . . . not sign language. However, he has found a wonderful teacher, Ms. Thia, who is experienced in using ASL.

Ms. Thia is a former Mr. D student herself, so she knows exactly how online video classes work. And as a graduate of Gallaudet University, the only Deaf college in the world, she is uniquely qualified to teach American Sign Language.

ASL Video Lessons

Mr. D Math ASL I is is taught via online video lessons. In each lesson, Ms. Thia demonstrates the new signs on video–a vast improvement over trying to learn from flash cards!

Kendra appreciates that Ms. Thia goes slowly and explains each new sign. She also finds it helpful to be able to go back and re-watch the videos when she has forgotten something.

Image of young girl in blue striped shirt practicing ASL along with an online instructor.

Online Quizzes

Many of the ASL I video lessons are followed by an online quiz (sometimes referred to as homework). These quizzes are completely online–no printing required.

The student answers the questions online, and the system records each answer and shows any mistakes at the end of the quiz. Even the grade is automatically recorded. Super easy!

Printable Resources

Mr. D Math ASL I includes a variety of helpful printable resources. For example, at the beginning of the course, students can download a set of finger spelling practice cards. (Kendra really likes these!)

Many lessons also include printable PDFs with illustrations of new words that have been learned. These are great for collecting in a 3-ring binder for quick reference.

Image of girl in purple shirt with pink glasses holding a flash card with the letter and G and finger spelling it in ASL.

Video Assignments

One of the highlights of these online ASL classes is the opportunity for students to submit videos demonstrating what they have learned in a particular lesson. For example, in lesson 2, students submit a video of themselves finger spelling a list of 20 words.

These video assignments encourage students to practice until they have mastered the new signs. They also help kids build confidence as they successfully demonstrate what they have learned.

Get Started with Mr. D Math ASL I

Kendra has benefited tremendously from Mr. D Math ASL I–and she hasn’t even finished the course yet! My 9-year-old has also gotten in on the fun and learned quite a few signs along with Kendra.

It’s not unusual for one of the girls to sign at the dinner table, letting me know they want more food . . . or to sign some random message to me during school time. (I might have to learn ASL myself in order to understand them!)

If you’d like your kids to experience this kind of success with ASL, you’ll definitely want to check out Ms. Thia and the ASL I course from Mr. D Math. Click below to learn more.

Image of young girl in blue-striped shirt, sitting at a laptop and practicing ASL.

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