Online Life Prep Course for Teens

Give your teen a solid foundation in the skills they will need throughout their adult lives with this online life prep course.

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Every teenager needs to develop a wide variety of essential skills that they will use for the rest of their lives.

You don’t have to let this valuable life training up to chance! This high school elective course from Thrive Academics can help your teen be thoroughly prepared for college planning, career planning, financial management, and much more.

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High School Elective That Teaches Life Skills

Voyage is an online program that helps high school students learn the important skills they need as they enter adult life. Whether it’s getting started in college, choosing a career, or managing money, Voyage has lessons that can help teens be successful.

The course is highly interactive, with high-quality graphics and animations to engage teens in the material. Students progress through the course at their own pace, using a fun map theme to complete their “voyage.”

High school students will enjoy Voyage’s fun, interactive learning environment so much that they may not even realize they are gaining a solid foundation in important skills they will use throughout their adult lives.

Teen boy using laptop to work through online life prep course

Online Life Prep Course for Teens

Voyage includes five interactive modules covering personal development, career planning, college planning, financial responsibility, and everyday life skills.

Each module is divided into lessons, and each lesson is broken down into subtopics with individual videos. The videos cover each topic thoroughly without being overly long, and I was very pleased to notice that they held my son’s attention well.

My son also appreciated that “they let you do things” (his words) to apply what has been learned. For example, after learning about banking and writing checks, he was able to practice writing a check properly right on the screen.

Personal Development

In the personal development module, students use a step-by-step process to help them learn what their personal strengths are. They also learn more about making decisions, setting goals, and using action steps to achieve their goals.

Career Prep

In the career prep module, students will use a career profiler to help them see which careers might best fit their interests and personality type. They will also learn practical, real-life employment skills such as writing a resume and interviewing for a job.

College Prep

The college prep module is designed to help students choose a college, go through the application process, and manage the financial aspect of college (including finding financial aid).

It even walks the student step-by-step through the process of filling out the FAFSA, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This module would have been extremely helpful when my older daughter was preparing to enter college.

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Financial Literacy

Voyage’s financial literacy module is probably my favorite module in the entire course. So many people struggle financially for years because of the mistakes they made during their young adult years. A basic understanding of money management can make all the difference!

In this module, students learn about using bank accounts, building credit, filing taxes, and creating a budget. They even get to practice filling out a check properly—something that many teens have no idea how to do. (Ask me how I know!)

Everyday Life Skills

The final module covers the everyday life skills that may be overlooked if they are not taught deliberately in a course like this one.

Lessons include topics such as health, fitness, travel, communication skills, vehicle maintenance, and home upkeep—all important parts of a healthy, balanced adult life.

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