Homeschool Vocational Program: An Alternative to College

This quality homeschool vocational program costs only a fraction of what a technical school program would cost, and students learn skills they can use in their future careers.

Image of teenage boy completing homeschool vocational training on a laptop.

As homeschool parents, we put so much time and heart into giving our kids the best education and training we possibly can.

We do everything we can to prepare them for college, a future career, and a successful adult life.

But then as graduation nears, some teens decide they don’t want to go to college. What then?

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Is College an Absolute Requirement for Career Success?

In a word, no.

There are many alternatives to college that can help your teen prepare for a successful career.

It’s important to remember that a college education doesn’t automatically guarantee a better-paying job (or even a job at all).

Many companies are downsizing just to keep their heads above water. So having a college degree doesn’t necessarily mean job security anymore, no matter what level you’re at.

Of course, there ARE some career fields that will always require a degree. If your teen is planning a career in medicine, for example, higher education will be absolutely necessary.

The bottom line in our family is this:

  • If a college degree is necessary for our teens to reach their goals, we will encourage them wholeheartedly to pursue further education.
  • If a college degree is NOT necessary, we will find an appropriate alternative to help them prepare for a successful future without college.
Image of teenage boy in blue ball cap doing homeschool job skills training on a laptop.

Vocational Training as an Alternative to College

Vocational training–skill-based training for a specific career or trade–is an excellent alternative for teens who don’t plan to go to college.

Since vocational training often begins while a student is still in high school, teens have an excellent opportunity to complete their training and begin a higher-paying, skilled job immediately after graduation (or even before).

My teens have learned skills like welding, CNC machining, and small motor repair during high school. Thanks to a flexible homeschool schedule, they were making a full-time income before they even graduated.

Image of teenage boy sitting in front a laptop for online vocational training.

New Homeschool Vocational Program

If you’re looking for an online program that teaches an in-demand skill, I’ve found one that is an excellent fit for motivated homeschool students.

The ​Bruce Cloney Door Institution​ trains its students to install, maintain, and repair automatic doors. The course consists of comprehensive videos that cover literally everything a person needs to work as an entry level automatic door technician.

The owner and instructor is Mr. Bruce Cloney, a highly qualified automatic door technician with over 30 years of professional experience. Mr. Cloney teaches each skill with white board diagrams and hands-on demonstration using real automatic doors, making the lessons easy to understand for a variety of learning types.

Image of online video training for automatic door technicians.

This homeschool vocational program costs only a fraction of what a technical school program would cost, and students will learn highly marketable skills in a growing industry with a lot of job potential.

In addition, you may be able to award high school credit when your student completes the automatic door technician courses. (Check your state laws if you aren’t sure!)

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Image of teenage boy watching an online training video for automatic door technicians.

More About Bruce Cloney’s Homeschool Vocational Program

Mr. Cloney’s automatic door technician courses include over 60 hours of video training plus 57 self-assesment quizzes.

His goal as the author and instructor of the courses is to help his students begin working from their very first day with knowledge that would normally take years to acquire.

Students can enroll in the complete program or choose from 3 separate courses:

  • Low Energy Doors Program 1
  • Full Energy Automatic Doors Program 2
  • Sliding Doors Program 3

This program is perfect for homeschoolers since it is self-paced and flexible. Busy moms will appreciate that the entire course is completed online–no travel required!

The automatic door training is divided into chapters focused on different types of automatic doors. Chapters are broken up into video lessons that average 15 minutes in length, making them easy to consume. Each chapter ends with a thorough multiple-choice quiz. (These are very nicely done and a great way to gauge student progress.)

Screenshot of quiz from an online vocational program for homeschoolers.

It’s worth noting that this job skill is highly relevant in today’s world. A quick search on the INDEED job search site indicates that automatic door technician’s are in high demand across the country.

To check for yourself, visit the INDEED website and input “automatic door technician” as the position and “United States” as the territory. This will give you an idea of current demand and average pay rates in the US.

By enrolling in the Bruce Cloney Door Institution, students will gain invaluable skills in a thriving industry, opening the door to a rewarding career opportunity.

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