Homeschool+ Online Curriculum for Early Learners

If you’re struggling to get everything done, the online curriculum from Homeschool+ can help with early learning lessons.

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Every homeschool mom with more than one child knows how hard it can be to juggle teaching all the lessons. But in the early years, kids need a lot of help and direct teaching time.

If you’re struggling to get everything done, using online learning programs for your early learners can lift some of the load. My daughter has been using a new program that you might want to consider.

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I received this product for free and was compensated for my time. All thoughts and opinions are my own; I was not required to post a positive review.

Homeschool+ Online Curriculum for Early Learners

Homeschool+ is an online curriculum designed specifically for homeschool families. Created by the same company behind ABCmouse and Adventure Academy, the program is high quality and easy to use.

Homeschool+ is a single program with three unique curriculum components: math, reading, and complementary courses. All three areas are included in one enrollment.

Homeschool+ Math Program

My Math Academy is a game-based online math program that covers beginner math for PreK to second grade. Lessons are focused on number sense and basic math problems that are appropriate for kids at this learning level.

The program is highly adaptive and customizes itself based on the child’s understanding. In other words, if your child shows mastery of a concept, the program will move on; if your child needs more practice, the program will give them as much time as necessary to master the material.

If your child loves video games like mine do, they’ll probably love My Math Academy, too!

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Homeschool+ Reading Program

My Reading Academy is a learn-to-read system that is designed to take beginning readers to reading fluently. Instruction includes phonological awareness, phonics, vocabulary, and reading comprehension.

Like the math program, My Reading Academy is fully adaptive to the student’s learning progress. At the beginning stages, students have the options of following along as stories are read aloud. We LOVED these well-performed, engaging stories!

Both the math program and the reading program have straightforward reports for parents, showing what the student has truly mastered (not just what they have completed).

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Homeschool+ Complementary Courses

In addition to math and reading, Homeschool+ includes 12 additional courses covering art, science, and other learning topics. Each of these courses has anywhere from 15-20 lessons.

Every single lesson comes with a downloadable lesson plan. This is so important because it opens the door for hands-on learning on the topics that have been covered in the online lesson. I love that the learning is extended beyond the screen!

In addition to these downloadable lesson plans, Homeschool+ also includes an easy-to-use online lesson planner for homeschool parents. Within the lesson planner, you can add or remove lessons based on your needs or schedule. Very helpful!

I especially liked being able to add in science lessons for my science-loving daughter. It was so helpful to be able to assign a lesson and let her complete it on her own.

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Get Started with Homeschool+

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