Online American Government Curriculum for Homeschool

This online homeschool government curriculum can help your teen not only fulfill graduation requirements, but also develop an interest in American government and responsible citizenship.

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Teaching American government in high school is not only a requirement, but also an important part of helping our teens become responsible citizens.

But high school government courses have a reputation for being dry and boring . . . exactly the opposite of what young people need in order to develop an interest in American government and citizenship.

I recently discovered an online American government curriculum that goes beyond “just” a textbook: the Basic American Government Course from Boundary Stone.

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Homeschool Government Curriculum Bundle

Boundary Stone’s Basic American Government Course Bundle is an in-depth U.S. government course based on Clarence Carson’s comprehensive text, Basic American Government.

The self-paced course takes students through a full semester’s worth of textbook assignments, videos, online review exercises, chapter quizzes, and unit tests—everything they’ll need for a half credit in American government.

In addition to the hardback textbook, the Basic American Government Course Bundle includes:

  • Teacher’s guide (PDF)
  • Study guide (PDF)
  • 12-month online course access
  • Mini-course for a policy research project (optional)
  • The Law by Frédéric Bastiat (PDF)

Co-Op Bundle

Boundary Stone offers an American government co-op bundle with a multi-print license for homeschool co-op teachers. This allows co-ops to distribute the study guide PDF (or printed copies of it) and the study guide suggested answers (from the teacher’s guide).

Combo Bundle

The Complete Homeschool Government and Economics Curriculum includes both the government course and a one-semester economics course. This combo bundle is designed to meet the need for a one-year curriculum for one full high school credit.

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Using the Basic American Government Course

The Basic American Government Course is easy for students to use independently. Parents should plan to be available to discuss topics with their teens and to determine grades, but otherwise students can work through the course on their own. Great timesaver for busy homeschool moms!


A typical lesson begins with a video, which is a great way to hook the student’s interest. I personally found the videos to be more engaging and understandable than just reading a textbook.

I love that all the videos are embedded directly in the lesson—no clicking through to other websites that may distract from the learning experience.

Daily Question and Assignments

Immediately after the video is a “Big Question” that focuses attention on the day’s topic. This question is followed by a few assignments, such as reading the textbook and answering questions in the study guide, that will help students answer the daily question.

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Online Flash Cards

Next up is a set of online flash cards that helps students learn definitions for new terms presented in the lesson. This is a no-fuss learning tool that is actually fun to use.

Online Review

Finally there are several review questions in a variety of formats. I love the automatic correcting and immediate feedback on whether the answers are right or wrong. So helpful!

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