Easy-to-Use High School English Workbooks for Independent Learners

These easy-to-use high school English workbooks are a convenient option for independent learners.

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One of my biggest surprises as a new homeschooler was finding that my kids actually LIKE workbooks and worksheets. Who would have guessed?

It definitely wasn’t what I expected. I had planned hands-on activities to make learning fun . . . but they hated it.

Eventually I realized that most of my kids learn and absorb information best by reading, and they strongly prefer to work independently. As it turns out, workbooks are a perfect fit for their learning style.

I recently discovered the high school English workbooks from Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum. These are a great option for high school students who prefer to learn independently.

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High School English Workbooks for Independent Learners

English I: Language Skills is the first level of the high school English curriculum from Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum. Designed for ninth grade students, the course is worth one credit on high school transcripts.

The English I course includes everything high school students need for a solid English course:

  • grammar lessons
  • vocabulary words
  • selected readings
  • literary evaluation
  • variety of writing assignments

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Easy to Use

English I: Language Skills is divided into 5 chapters, making it easy for students to pace themselves and finish the course on time.

Each chapter is made up of a text booklet (all the text and instruction for each lesson) and an activity booklet (write-in workbook with all the activities for each lesson). Each of these chapters is divided into 3 sections of 5 lessons each.

The Teacher’s Resource Kit includes quizzes for each section, tests for each chapter, and answers for all activities.

Everything that the student needs is contained within the 2 booklets for each chapter. There is literally NO prep for the parent to worry about—independent learners can just dive in and get started right away!

English workbook and answer key on table

Bite-Sized Lessons

Lessons in the English I course are only 2-4 pages long, allowing for learning in manageable increments.

Each lesson opens with a short, interesting reading passage that incorporates new vocabulary words. Next grammar or writing principles are presented, along with examples.

Students complete 2 or 3 pages of activities for each lesson in the workbook. Activities include vocabulary definitions, reading analysis, and grammar and writing application.

The short lessons and clean layout make lessons less overwhelming than typical textbooks might be.

Student's hand writing in English workbook

Convenient Format

I LOVE that this English course is compact and portable, making it easy to grab it and go! There are no heavy textbooks or teacher’s manuals to tote along. Great for busy families who are often on the go!

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