Free Printable Half-Size Daily Planner

Trying to get organized? This free printable half-size planner page has space for your daily routines, appointments, menu plan, and more!

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If you’re like me, you probably need a written plan to help you stay organized and productive. Because mom brain IS a thing, y’all.

And I can tell you from personal experience that scribbling reminders on scraps of paper or recycled envelopes just doesn’t work. Because who can ever FIND those things?

I finally got tired of all the missed appointments, overdue bills, and forgotten plans.

So I started looking for a free printable planner. And when I couldn’t find anything that worked for me, I created this free printable half-size daily planner.

It’s plain, it’s simple . . . but it works for me! And now I’m sharing it because I think it might be helpful for you, too.

Half-size planner printable on iPad screen

Looking for the editable version of this half-size planner printable? Get it here: Editable Half Size Daily Planner!

Free Printable Half-Size Planner Page

This free half-size planner printable features a daily docket style with six sections. Here are a few suggestions for how you might use each section.

But please…don’t feel restricted to my suggestions. Make the planner work for YOU!

1. Daily Routines

This section is for those things that you do every day. Need a reminder to switch the laundry mid-morning, or to empty the dishwasher when homeschool is done for the day? Put those here.

If you take any supplements or medications, you may want to add those into your daily routine list as well.

2. Healthy Habits

This section includes check boxes for each glass of water that you drink, and a blank to fill in how much time you plan to spend exercising.

Having these healthy habits listed right on your planner keeps your goals right in front of you. I also add exercise into my daily routine list so I remember to fit it into my day.

3. Weekly Chores

This section is where all your regular chores go. For example, say you usually change the sheets on Saturday. When you fill out your planner for Saturday, you could add changing the sheets to the weekly chore section.

Planner printable on clipboard surrounded by pink desk accessories

4. To Do

This section is for all those one-time things that aren’t part of your normal weekly chore schedule.

Maybe you need to call the bank or help your child pack for a trip to Grandma’s. Those things could be added here.

5. Menu Plan

Use this section to jot down what you will serve for each meal of the day. Surely I’m not the only one who forgets by lunchtime what I planned to serve for dinner?

6. Appointments/Errands

This section is for appointments and other errands—anything that needs to be done at a specific time or that involves being away from home.

Have a dentist appointment at 2:00? Or maybe library books that are due today? Add those things to this section.

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Download the Printable Half-Size Daily Planner

Black and white printable half-size daily planner

Free Printable Half-Size Daily Planner


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  1. I love the editable version. Do you have them in a full size page?

    1. Judy Hoch says:

      Karen, I only have the half-size planner, but if you are interested, I could probably turn it into a full-size page.