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Need help with homeschool STEM learning? Check out this unique elementary STEM app for fun digital activities for kids!

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As homeschoolers, when we think about science experiments and activities, we typically picture hands-on learning. And no wonder.

There’s no end of excellent science curricula, lab courses, and quality equipment available for homeschool use these days. And that’s a GOOD thing!

But what if you have a child who doesn’t relish the idea of hands-on science activities? Or what if you are going through a season where you can’t handle the extra time, mess, or expense of doing real live science experiments?

The good news is that there is an app for that! With the STEMWerkz science app, you can teach and implement STEM activities at home without any mess, fuss, or stress.

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STEMWerkz: Elementary STEM App

STEMWerkz is a unique elementary STEM app that teaches science, technology, engineering, and math through online exploration.

The STEMWerkz app’s fun game-style environment encourages kids to ask questions, analyze data, and think critically while building their understanding of STEM topics.

And really, what kid doesn’t LOVE video game-style learning? It’s painless and downright FUN!

But STEMWerkz is so much more than just a mindless video game. From interactive stories to building a town, the activities are both engaging and purposeful. In other words, real learning is happening.

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STEMWerkz has three main zones where kids ages 5-12 can learn at a level that is appropriate to their understanding.

1. STEMWerkz Channel

The STEMWerkz Channel is basically an educational video streaming service with hundreds of interactive stories focused on STEM topics. Kids can choose from more than 800 interactive videos covering physical science, life science, engineering, and design.

2. STEMWerkz Quests

STEMWerkz Quests are special missions that kids must complete in order to unlock new levels and earn rewards to be used in the STEAM Valley game.

Kids can use the series of lessons in each Quest to explore topics on their own–no parent prep or teaching required!

Each QUEST covers a variety of science topics. For example, the Meadow Mission focuses on body systems, plants, magnets, and the difference between living and nonliving things; the Ocean Exploration covers light, heat, life cycles, and matter.

3. STEAM Valley

STEAM Valley is a immersive simulation where kids get to build their own city. But it’s not just a game!

Instead of just playing another mindless games, kids have to answer questions and solve problems to earn coins to build and upgrade their city. They key is that have to actually apply science and math concepts in order to play the game.

STEAM Valley is my daughter’s favorite part of the STEMWerkz app. She says it feels like she is playing a game, but meanwhile she is actually applying what she has learned about a variety of STEM topics. That’s a win in my book!

Image of child's hands holding a phone with a science game on the screen.

More About STEMWerkz Science App

STEMWerkz has a parent portal that allows you to see your child’s progress without having to constantly check in with them. This is helpful for busy homeschool parents and independent learners alike.

The app is available for Android, iOS, or computer. Please note that STEMWerkz will not work offline; you must have internet access in order to use the app.

Get a FREE 7-Day Trial of STEMWerkz

STEMWerkz offers a FREE 7-day trial so your kids can try it out without any cost. At the end of the trial, you can sign up for either a monthly or a yearly subscription.


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