Creation-Based Elementary Science Homeschool Curriculum

Looking for an easy-to-use elementary science homeschool curriculum? Kids in grades 4-6 will love this Creation-based zoology curriculum from Master Books!

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Over the years we’ve used a variety of homeschool science curriculums. Often we’ve fallen back on School of Tomorrow worktexts simply because they were easy to use and straight to the point–both things my independent learners insist upon.

(You can check out some of my curriculum choices for independent learners if you are interested.)

However, my youngest daughter recently started a new-to-us elementary science homeschool curriculum that we really love: the Elementary Zoology curriculum from Master Books.

Image of fourth-grade girl completing a homeschool science worksheet.

I received this product for free and was compensated for my time. All thoughts and opinions are my own; I was not required to post a positive review.

Master Books: Bible-Based Homeschool Curriculum

Master Books is a company that produces high-quality Bible-based homeschool curriculum and other Christian materials. I’ve only used one or two of their courses in the past, so I was excited to jump into their zoology curriculum with my 10-year-old daughter.

I appreciate that Master Books courses are not just compatible with Christian beliefs, but that they are actually centered around Biblical truth. Every curriculum includes apologetics to help students understand and defend what they believe.

Did you know? Master Books has a full line of apologetics resources that will help you give your kids a solid foundation.

Image of a homeschool mom reading a Creation-based science book with her young daughter.

Elementary Science Homeschool Curriculum

My daughter and I started the Elementary Zoology curriculum from Master Books with high expectations. And let me tell you . . . we have not been disappointed!

Kiera and I both love the Master Books approach to learning. It allows us to have meaningful time together, reading engaging books with absolutely no stress or scrambling to prepare lessons.

Easy to Use

If you’ve ever used one of those big box curriculums, you may have had a teacher’s guide, workbook, answer key, test booklet, test answer key, and maybe even more—all for just ONE subject.

Totally overwhelming, right?

I love that I don’t have to juggle all of that with Master Books homeschool curriculum. The teacher guide is absolutely phenomenal!

Everything we need for the subject (except the actual books we read together) is contained in one book. Yep, just one. A simple weekly schedule, student worksheets, answer keys, and quizzes . . . all in one convenient book.

And there’s no drawn-out lesson plans to read through, either. I simply check the weekly schedule to find out which pages to read and which worksheet to complete each day. I love the simplicity and flexibility of Master Books!

Image of stack of books used in an elementary homeschool science curriculum from Master Books.

High Quality Books

Instead of a dry, boring textbook, Master Books Elementary Zoology uses five high-quality books that are so interesting and colorful that they hardly feel like “school” at all.

Kiera and I are currently reading How Many Animals Were on the Ark?. We’ve learned that the “kind” mentioned in the book of Genesis is probably similar to the “family” classification of today. Kiera has been fascinated by the discussion of hybrid animals within families!

I love that science doesn’t have to be a textbook any more. Instead my daughter and I enjoy relaxing on the couch with an engaging book that emphasizes the Biblical aspects of science.

Image of a homeschool mom reading a zoology book with her daughter.

Simple Worksheets

After we read the assigned pages in our current book together, Kiera completes a simple worksheet to review what she has learned.

The worksheets are quick and easy to complete; my daughter is usually finished in just a few minutes. Because the worksheets are clean and non-distracting, with only a few questions on each page, Kiera never gets overwhelmed or bored at all. In fact, she genuinely enjoys answering the questions!

Close-up image of a girl filling in a homeschool science worksheet.

I’m so happy with every aspect of this elementary science homeschool curriculum. Master Books curriculum will be at the top of my list for science next year, too!

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