Math Mammoth: Elementary Math Curriculum

Elementary math curriculum for homeschool

Math has always been one of the most challenging subjects in our homeschool. We’ve used a variety of math curricula over the years, and I have genuinely loved them all.

But my kids? Not so much.

I’m always on the lookout for materials that meet my kids’ individual needs and preferences, so I was excited to try the elementary math curriculum from Math Mammoth.

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Math Mammoth: Elementary Math Curriculum

Math Mammoth Light Blue Series is a complete elementary math curriculum for grades 1-7. The series can be used as a standalone curriculum, as a tool to fill in learning gaps, or even as a summer learning program.

Each grade level consists of two student worktexts (A and B), which contain both the instruction and the student exercises. Each level also includes cumulative review lessons, chapter tests, and answer keys.

Math Mammoth Light Blue Series is mastery-oriented (as opposed to spiral or incremental methods) and organized by topics. Each chapter focuses on one topic, such as place value, multiplication, or fractions; each level contains 8-10 chapters.

Math Mammoth Light Blue Series

Why We Love Math Mammoth Light Blue Series

1. Familiar worktext format

My kids strongly prefer a worktext format over any type of textbook. Math Mammoth Light Blue Series is a perfect fit for us!

Each worktext contains a full explanations of the math concepts being covered—no separate teacher’s manual required. Each chapter includes notes for the teacher about the material being covered in that chapter.

So many homeschool courses require multiple components, increasing the cost and taking up valuable storage space. I LOVE that Math Mammoth is an all-in-one resource!

2. Encourages independent learning

Because there is no separate teacher’s manual, all the instruction is written directly to the student in the worktext. Children who are able to read can read the explanations and complete the exercises on their own.

If kids need extra help, they can also view the accompanying videos in which the author, Maria Miller, teaches the material herself.

Teacher involvement is minimal, depending on your homeschool style and the individual needs of your child. Weston, my 10-year-old, is able to use Math Mammoth Light Blue Series independently. I simply keep an eye on what he is doing to ensure that he is mastering concepts and using math strategies effectively.

Elementary math curriculum for grades 1-7

3. Strong mental math component

Mental math is so important in everyday life, and Math Mammoth does an excellent job of building those skills.

For example, Weston has been working through the first worktext in the third-grade level, and he has learned multiple strategies for solving addition and subtraction problems.

And believe it or not . . . he has actually enjoyed learning and practicing new mental math strategies. In fact, I’ve had to learn NOT to offer hints or tips when he is working, because he wants to solve each problem on his own without assistance. (Pretty cool!)

4. Uses visual models

Math Mammoth Light Blue Series presents new concepts using visual models and exercises instead of  using math manipulatives. You certainly CAN use manipulatives, but my hands-off learners have never been very interested in them.

Bottom line: Use manipulatives if your children find them helpful, but if not, Math Mammoth works just fine without them.

Homeschool math curriculum

5. End-of-Year Assessment Tests

Math Mammoth offers free assessment tests to be used at the end of each level. These are beneficial for evaluating mastery and determining concepts that need further reinforcement.

Get Started with Math Mammoth Elementary Math Curriculum

Free Samples

Try before you buy with these freebies from Math Mammoth! You’ll find free samples and worksheets from Math Mammoth books, free math videos, and more.

You can also download a free copy of the book Math Mammoth Data and Graphs when you subscribe for monthly math tips from Math Mammoth.

Math Mammoth Blue Series: Data and Graphs

Free Placement Tests

Math Mammoth offers free placement tests to determine the appropriate level in which to place your child. According to the author, many well-known math curricula are easier than Math Mammoth; therefore she cautions that parents can’t just follow the grade level from the child’s previous math curriculum.

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