Educational Phonics App That Kids Will Love

Build phonics and reading skills with this educational phonics app that kids will LOVE!

Little girl using educational phonics app on a smartphone

One of my greatest joys as a homeschool mom has been teaching my children how to read. I love to see their faces light up as they learn new sounds, recognize sight words, and begin sounding out simple sentences.

Two of my kids taught themselves to read—at the age of four—just because they loved books and wanted to read. I’m still in awe at the ease with which they developed their reading skills.

But the path to fluent reading isn’t always that easy. A couple of my other kids had a much harder time learning to read, especially when it came to putting sounds together to read words.

Through helping my struggling readers, I’ve learned that it really helps to reinforce phonics and decoding skills in as many different ways as possible.

I was recently introduced to a fun educational phonics app that can help kids learn to read, no matter their ability level. I love that reading skills can be built through an online game that kids actually WANT to play!

Young girl using smartphone to play online phonics game

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Our Favorite Educational Phonics App

The HOMER Reading app offers thousands of lessons teaching ABCs, letter sounds, sight words, and more. Developed by teachers and other experts, the lessons are taught in a game-style format that is familiar and fun for kids.

The app personalizes the content based on the child’s interest and reading level. As the child’s abilities increase, the lessons also adapt and “grow” for continuous learning.

My 6-year-old daughter has been using HOMER Reading for phonics reinforcement for a few weeks now, and she absolutely LOVES it! She thinks she is playing a game, but all the while she is actually learning, too.

Child's hands holding smartphone with phonics game on screen

Why We Love This Phonics App

Easy to use independently

HOMER Reading is so easy for my daughter to use on her own. Instructions and prompts are given orally by the app, so there is no need for me to be available to read directions or tell her what to do.

She is able to pull up the app, listen to the instructions or prompts, and complete the activities all on her own. It can’t get any simpler than that!

Safe for kids to use

This app is completely ad-free and safe for kids to use without constant adult supervision. I love that I don’t have to worry about my daughter seeing objectionable content or being distracted by ads. It’s just 100% learning—nothing else.

Increases early reading scores

HOMER Reading is so much more than just fun and games—it really IS educational, too! In fact, just 15 minutes a day of HOMER Reading has been shown to increase early reading scores by a whopping 74%. Incredible!

Genuinely educational

My daughter is already reading at about a first-grade level, so we are using the app primarily for reinforcement. However, the lessons and activities are solidly educational, not just fluff and entertainment like many so-called educational apps.

Young girl using educational phonics game on smartphone

Try HOMER Reading for Free

If you have a young learner, I know you’ll want to see this educational phonics app for yourself. I’m happy to share that right now you can try HOMER Reading for FREE for 30 days.

If you love it as much as we do, you can purchase a one-year subscription for just $45 (over 60% off!). Don’t miss this fabulous offer!

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