Easy-to-Use Homeschool English Curriculum

This easy-to-use homeschool English curriculum features an open-and-go workbook format that is perfect for independent learners. 

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One of the earliest homeschool lessons I learned was that our homeschool curriculum choices needed to match our kids’ learning styles.

For our family, that meant letting go of elaborate hands-on activities, and accepting that we (kids and mom alike) actually thrive on the comfortable predictability of workbooks and worksheets.

The easy-to-use homeschool curriculum options from Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum are a great fit for my independent learners and our busy, large-family homeschool.

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Easy-to-Use Homeschool English Curriculum

Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum offers homeschool curriculum options for junior high and high school students. The independent learning format of their materials makes it easy for students to work at their own pace with little to no teacher assistance.

We recently had the opportunity to start using Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum’s English Grammar Skills, a full English course for eighth-grade students.

The English Grammar Skills course includes everything junior high students need for a solid foundation in English:

  • grammar lessons
  • vocabulary words
  • selected readings
  • variety of writing assignments
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Convenient format

Each chapter of the English Grammar Skills course is made up of a text booklet and an activity booklet (workbook). We love the convenience and portability of these compact course booklets—no more lugging heavy textbooks along while running errands or traveling!

In addition to the text booklets and workbooks, the course includes The Teacher’s Resource Kit. This kit contains everything else that is needed to complete the course: answers to activity questions, section quizzes, and chapter tests.

Bite-sized lessons

Lessons in this course are only 2-4 pages long, allowing for learning in manageable increments. The short lessons and clean layout make lessons less overwhelming than typical textbooks might be.

Each lesson opens with a short, interesting reading passage that incorporates new vocabulary words.

Next, new English concepts are taught, along with examples. Every grammar rule or part of speech is illustrated twice with sentences drawn from the reading passage. 

Image of teenage boy in orange and blue shirt, sitting at a table and writing in a workbook

Built-in review

Quizzes are included after every 5 lessons, with a test at the end of each chapter (15 lessons). The frequent review is an important part of reinforcing learning.

If students make at least an 85% on each of the 3 quizzes, they may skip the chapter test. This incentive definitely encourages a student to master the material!

Designed for independent learning

The English Grammar Skills course is perfectly designed for independent learning.

  • The text is divided into lessons which lend themselves well to daily assignments.
  • All instruction is contained in the text booklet and written directly to the student.
  • Students can score their own work and correct any errors.

Get Started with Easy-to-Use Curriculum

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