Homeschool-Friendly College in Greenville, PA

Thiel College, a homeschool-friendly college in Greenville, PA, offers a small-class learning environment and excellent student-teacher ratio.

Thiel College students sitting outside at picnic table during a college class

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As homeschool teens approach high school graduation and begin to prepare for college, they may be worried about being accepted into college as a homeschool grad.

Thankfully colleges across the country are recognizing the academic excellence of home education and are welcoming homeschool graduates as students.

Thiel College: A Homeschool-Friendly College in Greenville, PA

Thiel College is a private, homeschool-friendly college located in Greenville, Pennsylvania. The college’s small community setting offers a great blend of town and country that will appeal to most new students.

Thiel College is only a 90-minute drive from both Pittsburgh and Cleveland, where students can take advantage of a variety of educational experiences, including:

  • educational trips
  • internships
  • service learning

Thiel College students sitting on chairs on the campus lawn on a fall day

Excellent Student-Faculty Ratio

Thiel College boasts an amazing 11:1 student-faculty ratio, which benefits students by increasing their access to professors. These faculty members are highly qualified; in fact, 80% of them hold the highest degree available in their field.

Another benefit of Thiel’s excellent student-faculty ratio is smaller classes. A full 70% of classes have fewer than 20 students, making it a comfortable environment for homeschool students who may be used to smaller classes in co-ops.

Over 60 Areas of Study

Thiel College offers over 60 areas of studies, including the following:

  • Business and accounting
  • Education
  • Communications
  • Health sciences
  • Social studies
  • Humanities
  • Sciences
  • Math
  • Computer science

Thiel College students sitting outside at picnic table during a class

Enrichment Opportunities

The majority of Thiel College students—about 95%—are on-campus residents. No matter where they live, though, they can benefit from the college’s excellent enrichment program.

Every student gets to complete at least one internship or practicum before their graduation. They also have the opportunity to study abroad.

Impressive Success Rate

A full 95% of Thiel College graduates report that they are employed or studying in their field within 3 months of graduation.

In addition, graduates often go on to study at top institutions like Duke, Harvard, Oxford, University of Chicago, Vanderbilt, or Yale.

Thiel College graduates in caps and gowns standing in a campus building

NEW! Accelerated Degree Program for Homeschoolers

Thiel College has a new accelerated degree program that would be a great fit for motivated homeschool grads.

If you complete your bachelor’s degree at Thiel, you can earn your master’s degree in as little as 11 months. That’s only FIVE years to complete both a bachelor’s AND a master’s degree!

Degrees available in the accelerated program include:

  • Communication Sciences and Disorders/Speech-Language Pathology
  • Business and Accounting/MBA
  • Communication and Leadership
  • Physician Assistant
  • Psychology/Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Want to know more about Thiel College or their accelerated degree programs? Click below to learn more!

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