How to Prepare for CLEP Exams at Home

Help your teen prepare for CLEP exams with these online CLEP prep courses from 

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One of the biggest decisions a homeschooled teen will make is whether or not to attend college. While some will opt to prepare for a career without college, others will choose to pursue further education.

One of the biggest concerns of college-bound teens is the cost of their education. (Those credit hours aren’t cheap, y’all!)

CLEP exams can help homeschool teens dramatically reduce their college expenses and avoid wasting time on courses they have already mastered.

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What Is CLEP?

CLEP stands for College-Level Examination Program. In a nutshell, CLEP exams allow students to earn college credit by passing a standardized test instead of  taking the college course.

CLEP exams are Prior-Learning Assessments, which means that they test what a student already knows in a given subject. When students pass a CLEP exam, they are awarded college credits just as if they had completed the college coursework.

CLEP offers significant advantages:

  • Students can test out of introductory or general education classes, allowing them to complete their education more quickly.
  • CLEP exams only cost $80 (plus test center fee), making them much more affordable than college classes.
  • High school students can complete CLEP exams before graduating, possibly allowing them to earn dual credit (if the college of their choice permits).

Online CLEP Test Prep offers online CLEP test prep products to help students prepare for CLEP exams on a wide variety of topics.’s resources include:

I was especially interested in the college mathematics CLEP course. My daughter, a sophomore in college, could have benefited so much from this course!

I love that all the lessons are online (no time spent in travel, yay!) and that the prep courses require only a computer with internet access. That’s it!

Video lessons uses videos and animations to teach the concepts in each lesson. You can re-watch any videos that you didn’t quite understand, removing the stress of trying to “get it the first time.” All videos are designed to cover the material included on the actual CLEP exams.

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Text transcripts

Each video is followed by a text transcript of the video lesson. This is a huge plus for students who prefer to learn by reading. The transcripts also provide an easy way to take notes on the material presented.


After watching and/or reading the lesson, students take a quiz to test their understanding and retention of the material. The quizzes, which are usually brief, provide immediate feedback on what needs further study.

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Practice tests’s CLEP practice tests use the same type of questions as the ones that appear on the actual CLEP exams. This is very beneficial in building the student’s confidence and experience for the real test.

After completing the practice test, the student is given the correct answer for all missed questions and is directed to the appropriate videos for review. Another big plus!

Personalized study plan

If your teen needs help staying on track, you will LOVE the personalized study plan! When students begin a prep course, they are given the option of entering the date by which they want or need to complete the course. does all the work and comes up with a personalized study plan that basically sets “assignments” for the student to complete by specific dates. I think many students will really benefit from this feature!

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If you have a high school student who plans to attend college after graduation,’s online CLEP test prep is a solid way to help him or her prepare for CLEP exams. also offers a CLEP scholarship opportunity for students! Click through for all the details.

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