How to Teach Biblical Truths with Stories Your Kids Will Love

Teaching Biblical Truths with Christian Stories

I believe it is impossible to overestimate the value of a good story.

Memorization is good. Facts are important. But stories are what we will remember long after we’ve forgotten the nitty-gritty details.

This holds true when it comes to teaching biblical truths to our kids, too. Christian stories will leave a lasting impression on their hearts and minds, even from a very young age.

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Christian audiobooks from Adventures in Odyssey

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How to Teach Biblical Truths with Christian Stories

If you’re worried that you need to be a great story-teller in order to teach with stories, you can relax! You don’t need any story-telling experience at all.

Here are three simple, effective ways that ANYONE can use to teach biblical truths with Christian stories.

1. Christian Children’s Books

There are some really excellent books available that teach biblical truths in the form of a story. Some of the books I’ve listed here are timeless Christian classics, while others are more recent books of exceptional quality.

Christian stories

Select one of these books (or another of your choice) to use as a family read-aloud. Remember, children can understand books that are well above their own reading level when they hear them read aloud.

Older children can read a good Christian book independently for their own enjoyment, or even during their assigned reading time. I’m always amazed to see how my kids will devour a good book once they get started!

2. Bible Story Felt Sets

Visual and hands-on learners will absolutely love these Bible story felt sets from Betty Lukens! I remember these amazing felts from my own childhood–the rich colors, realistic pictures, and well-told stories.

Now I have my own Bible story felts to use with my children. We have this Bible felt set with the smaller 6-inch figures (the sets used in Sunday schools and children’s church usually contain the larger 12-inch figures).

This set includes the water and sky background, hillside overlay, 600 figures, and a story manual with details on which figures to use.

Bible felt sets from Betty Lukens

There is also a smaller, more affordable Bible felt set with 114 figures available. This smaller set does not include any backgrounds, but it does include a manual with 25 Bible lessons.

These felts are completely washable, so don’t panic when your children want to handle them! In fact, I’d suggest that you encourage them to use the felts and retell the Bible story after you have told it (or read it) to them.

Older kids could also retell the stories to younger siblings. It’s amazing how much they will reinforce their learning while they are teaching the little ones!

3. Christian Audiobooks

Christian audiobooks and dramatized stories are excellent tools for capturing a child’s imagination and emphasizing spiritual truths.

I love that audiobooks don’t require any of my time on busy days–and yet my kids are still learning valuable Christian principles. It’s a real win-win!

Christian stories

Christian Stories from Adventures in Odyssey

Currently my kids’ favorite audio CDs are from Adventures in Odyssey (AIO #63) Up in the Air, a new release from Focus on the Family. These CDs are packed full of adventure!

I’ve heard the newest Adventures in Odyssey CDs being played for many, many hours the last few weeks, but I seem to always miss the ending of the stories. I still don’t know what happened to Wooten, or where Penny is!

(No spoilers, y’all…I’m gonna hear the ending one day soon!)

It’s not only my younger children that love Adventures in Odyssey, although they absolutely do! In fact, my 6-year-old daughter has been near tears on several occasions because the boys were listening to it their room–without her.

The older kids still enjoy Adventures in Odyssey just as much, though. My 14-year-old son has kept the CD player and CDs in his room for late-night listening…and I heard the familiar voices of Odyssey characters coming from my 16-year-old’s room, too!

Christian CDs

Listen to an audio clip of Adventures in Odyssey (AIO #63) Up in the Air and purchase a copy for your family!

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  1. Thank you for the list of books above! We have enjoyed Adventures in Odyssey for years. You can go to and download 1 to 3 episodes for free, daily! Peace and Grace to y’all!

    1. Judy Hoch says:

      You’re welcome, Tanya! And thank you for sharing the tip about downloading episodes of Adventures in Odyssey! 🙂