Career and Technical Training for Homeschool

Help your teen determine their interests with the career and technical training (CTE) courses from Edison Learning.

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“So what are you going to do with your life?”

That question is perhaps THE most common question that high school seniors are asked. Unfortunately it can put undue pressure on teens to jump into college or a career before they know what they truly want to do.

It goes without saying that teens should NOT be expected to have their entire lives planned out on graduation day. But thankfully there are some simple steps they can take as they prepare for the next step in life.

We recently began an online career training course that can help high school students determine whether or not they are truly interested in a particular career field.

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Career and Technical Training for Homeschool

Edison Learning is an online educational program designed especially for homeschool families. They offer a wide variety of middle and high school courses, including math, English, science, and more.

In addition to core courses, Edison Learning also has some excellent high school elective courses that can help homeschool students add valuable credits to their transcript.

Among the electives are Career Pathways, a collection of courses that offer in-depth preparation for high-skill college majors and careers.

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Overview of Career Pathways Courses

Some of the Career Pathways courses are designed to provide a detailed look at particular career fields so that students can determine whether or not they truly want to pursue their field of interest.

Other courses provide in-depth training that will give students an edge up in their chosen field. Several of these classes actually give students an official certification at the end.

We ended up choosing the Career Exploration in Healthcare course, and I’ve not been disappointed. This course provides an in-depth look at a variety of medical careers, including physician, physician’s assistant, nurse, pharmacist, physical therapist, and more.

The course that my son was most interested in was the drone pilot certification course. Unfortunately, he had recently sold his drone, so he wasn’t able to take the course. However, we will be remembering this option if he purchases another drone in the future.

Other career and technical training courses include:

  • Early Childhood Education I & II
  • Building Maintenance Technology I & II
  • Adobe Certified Associate
  • Cybersecurity
  • Fundamentals of Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency
  • Robotics: Applications and Careers
  • Construction: Fundamentals and Careers
  • Java SE 8 Associate

In all, there are 40 career and technical training courses and 18 certifications available through Career Pathways.

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How the Career Training Courses Work

All Career Pathways classes are self-paced and available whenever your student needs them. This is super helpful for busy teens!

Everything you need for the courses is online. Students simply log in to their dashboard and complete assignments right within the learning portal.

Each lesson includes one or more short, high-interest videos followed by an online reading assignment. After that, students complete various activities: short answer questions, reflection (discussion) topics, creative projects, and quizzes.

I love that there are options for every type of learner. For example, lesson videos also have a transcript for teens who prefer to read the material. Auditory learners can also choose to have the text read aloud.

There are also several built-in features that are very helpful, including dictionary definitions, highlighting, and a note-taking section.

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Get Started with Career and Technical Training

Career Pathways can help your student identify their interests and develop skills that will benefit them in their future career. Sign up now to get your first month FREE with coupon code LevelUp!

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