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A calendar is an absolute must for keeping busy homeschool moms on track. Honestly, if an appointment or field trip isn’t on my calendar, I’m not going to be there. It’s just a fact of life around here.

Unfortunately, the traditional calendar year of January through December means that homeschoolers must have two separate calendars to cover an entire school year. Inconvenient, right?

After trying out the big academic calendar from NeuYear, I can see how much I benefit from being able to see the entire school year at a glance.

5 Benefits of a Big Academic Calendar

1. Covers the entire school year from July through June 

It is super convenient to be able to see the entire school year at a glance. It takes only a quick look to see which days require lighter assignments, or to see which weeks might work best for in-depth projects.

2. Big enough to see from a distance

I love that I can easily see the calendar from my seat at our schoolroom table. When I’m planning for the next day, I can see whether or not we have any appointments or field trips planned–this saves so much frustration the following day!

3. Plenty of writing space

The big squares for each day are a clear benefit for me. For example, I like to be able to record the details of an upcoming field trip so I don’t forget where our group is meeting or if we are to bring a lunch. This is virtually impossible with smaller calendars.

4. Continuous calendar without breaks between months

I was surprised at how much I loved the continuous flow of days on this calendar. It makes it so easy to count the days of homeschooling completed (or the number of days until Christmas break!).

Close-up view of Big Academic Calendar from NeuYear

5. Available in paper and dry-erase versions

I love that I have the choice of a dry-erase calendar! It’s so easy to keep the calendar neat and organized, even if our family’s schedule changes. Each calendar is also double-sided and can be hung horizontally or vertically.

Tips for Making the Most of a Big Calendar

1. Use several colors of markers.

Some families may benefit from color-coding each child’s activities. For our family, I want to use two different colors: one for all-day activities, and another for regular appointments which would only take a few hours.

2. Make sure everything gets recorded on the calendar.

Everything. If this means having your children record their own activities and appointments, so be it. Even Dad’s plans can be added so everyone in the family stays in the loop.

3. Keep the calendar within view of your desk.

It is so important that you have the calendar within view of wherever you do your daily or weekly planning. After all, the calendar is no help if you never see it!

Large wall calendar with appointments filled in

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