Homeschooler’s Guide to Benjamin Franklin

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Homeschooler's Guide - Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin is one of America’s most intriguing early leaders. A man of unusual abilities, he became successful as a printer, librarian, writer, inventor, and statesman.

This collection of resources is designed to help homeschool families learn more about the life and times of Benjamin Franklin.

Living Books About Benjamin Franklin

Hands-On Learning

Notebooking, Lapbooking, and Copywork

Online Resources for Studying Benjamin Franklin

  • Ben’s Guide: Benjamin Franklin–fun children’s website with information about Franklin’s life as a printer, librarian, inventor, and statesman
  • The Biography of Benjamin Franklin–index page featuring Franklin’s complete biography in readable segments
  • Franklin Firsts–index page featuring Franklin’s major inventions and lesser-known ideas and discoveries
  • Interesting Facts–interesting facts about the life and times of Benjamin Franklin
  • Life in Franklin’s Own Words–collection of Franklin’s quotations and maxims
  • Wit and Humor–humorous anecdotes from Franklin’s life
  • Benjamin Franklin (PBS)–informative site with several interactive features
  • Benjamin Franklin: America’s First Great Man–biography of Franklin with link to a replica of Franklin’s virtue chart
  • How to Draw Benjamin Franklin as he appears on the U.S. $100 bill
  • Time Out for Benjamin Franklin–a 6-week unit study by Cindy Downes
  • The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin–read the entire autobiography online

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  1. stacysewsandschools says:

    Awesome resource list!! Thank you! 🙂

  2. Can I recommend Now And Ben by Gene Barretta? My boys enjoyed this picture book which shows how Ben’s inventions relate to the modern world. I thought it was great for a large family with kids of multiple ages studying Ben- it sparked a discussion with the older kids and the younger ones enjoyed the pictures and seeing examples of how the inventions are used.
    I wish I’d found your list earlier! Thanks for the great resources!