Hands-On Learning with Apologia Math

Understanding new math concepts is so easy with Apologia Math, a hands-on math curriculum for elementary students.

Young girl in blue striped shirt writing with a pencil in an Apologia Math workbook

Math can seem like such an abstract subject for younger learners—but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Using a hands-on math curriculum can help kids visualize and truly understand math concepts. When math becomes concrete in a child’s mind, it creates a solid foundation that is so much easier to build on.

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Homeschool Elementary Math Curriculum from Apologia

We recently began using Exploring Creation with Mathematics, a homeschool elementary math curriculum from Apologia. This curriculum combines regular skill practice with hands-on activities to help kids truly understand math.

I really love the Charlotte Mason flavor of Apologia Math. Instead of mindlessly memorizing facts, kids learn to actually understand and apply math by relating it to daily life.

The curriculum approaches math from a Christian viewpoint, with a devotional at the beginning of each unit that shows how math points to a purposeful Creator.

Each unit also incorporates a science theme within the math lessons, and each level includes a special science-related project. For example, level one’s science theme is astronomy, and students complete a math project that shows how weather affects rocket launches. Super cool!

Brightly colored math workbook and teacher guide lying on table

Apologia Math Teaching Guide

The Apologia Math Teaching Guide contains everything you need to know, including helpful tips for teaching your child math. There is no need to guess what should be taught. It is literally open and go.

At the front of the Teaching Guide is a very helpful suggested daily schedule. The schedule is designed around a 28-week schedule with 4 days per week, but it can easily be adapted to suit your family’s needs.

The schedule pages are laid out like a calendar with checkboxes, and every lesson and activity is right there at a glance. I love having everything completely planned out for me! (No guesswork required.)

The Teaching Guide contains helpful tips and notes for every lesson, including math strategies, tips for struggling students, and additional learning ideas.

Thumbnail versions of the student worksheets with answers are included with each lesson. This makes it super easy for students to check their own work, if desired. My daughter definitely appreciates this option.

Apologia Math Student Workbook

The Apologia Math Student Workbook is a full-color, spiral-bound workbook that includes all the student worksheets for each level.

The worksheets are bright and colorful, with large print that makes it easy for younger learners to read. The pages are uncluttered and have plenty of space for writing answers.

Instructions are written clearly in a way that kids can easily understand, making it simple for them to complete worksheets independently.

I especially love that the workbook is spiral bound. Younger kids often struggle with writing when their hand bumps into the binding of a book. With the spiral binding, the opposite page can be flipped back out of the way to allow plenty of space for the hand to move.

Yellow pencil lying on a colorful Apologia math worksheet

Hands-On Learning with Apologia Math

Skills Practice

Each day students spend 5 or 10 minutes practicing a math skill that they have previously learned. This enables them to retain what they have already learned while also learning new concepts.

There are plenty of options for skills practice. You might choose to play a review game or complete an activity, or you may want to do something as simple as flashcards for review.

Hands-On Activity

Most lessons start with a hands-on activity: either some kind of game or an activity using math manipulatives. The goal of the activity is to get kids excited about the math lesson and to prepare them for the concepts they are going to learn.

Only basic manipulatives are needed to complete the activities: linking cubes, base 10 blocks, pattern blocks, 3-D shapes, and a few basic household items. You probably already have most or all of these, and if not, they are easy to find.

Math Lesson

After the hands-on activity comes the math lesson, complete with examples. The lesson is written directly to the student, although newer readers may need the lesson read aloud to them.

The lesson is brief and clearly written, making it easy for kids to understand without losing interest. The examples often include photographs to illustrate the concept being taught. I appreciate having the photo examples included so I don’t have to take extra time demonstrating new concepts.

Lesson Practice

Finally students practice what they have learned in the lesson. The lesson practice is usually 1 or 2 pages in the workbook; most students will be able to finish the practice pages very quickly.

Young girl in blue striped shirt writing with a pencil in an Apologia Math workbook

When my daughter asked me, “Is this what I’m going to use this year?” I knew I had found a winner! I love how easy it is to use Apologia Math, and I’m thrilled that Kiera is excited to use it, too.

The first three levels of Exploring Creation with Mathematics are already available, with three more levels planned for the future. Click the button below to see exactly what is covered in each level.

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