TypeKids: Online Touch Typing Course for Kids

TypeKids: Online Touch Typing Course for Kids

I have surprisingly vivid memories of my high school typing class.

Electronic typewriters were the new thing then, although I lugged in an ancient electric monstrosity that hummed and clicked in the quietness of the classroom. Mrs. Johnston was an old-school typing teacher–the best of the best–who enforced a strict “no peeking at the keyboard” policy.

With regular practice I attained a respectable typing speed and even earned a few bucks typing college term papers on the side. I’ve since moved up to modern laptop keyboard, and I still use my touch typing skills almost daily.

TypeKids: Online Touch Typing Course for Kids

I have required all our children to take a keyboarding course during junior high or high school. However, I’ve been realizing that there are definite advantages to learning typing skills in the elementary grades.

I was thrilled to find an online touch typing course to use with my fifth-grade son, Collin.

TypeKids: Online Touch Typing Course for Kids

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TypeKids.com is an online typing course designed especially for kids. The course consists of 30 audio lessons, which kids may complete at their own pace.

As kids complete the typing exercises, they participate in an exciting treasure hunt along with the pirate, Captain Forty, and his crew. Each lesson ends with a fun typing game.

TypeKids is an online touch typing course designed especially for kids!

3 Benefits of Using TypeKids Touch Typing Course

1. Kids learn correct typing methods from the start.

As young children begin to use a keyboard, they need to develop solid touch typing skills from the start. Otherwise they will likely come to depend on the two-finger “hunt and peck” system, which can be an incredibly difficult habit to break.

Collin had already developed some bad keyboard habits, but with consistent effort–and a few reminders from Mom–he was able to retrain his fingers and break that peeking habit. (Mrs. Johnston would be proud!)

Your child can learn accurate typing skills with TypeKids, an online touch typing course for kids!

2. Kids can complete the course independently.

TypeKids.com teaches lessons directly to the student, with no parental instruction needed. I love that I can be free to do other things while Collin is tackling his typing lessons!

This course has also been an excellent fit for Collin’s independent learning style. He is thriving on setting his own schedule and taking responsibility for his typing progress.

3. The program adapts to the child’s needs.

TypeKids actually tracks the child’s errors and tailors the program to give him more practice where he needs it the most. That’s almost like having a private typing tutor!

Collin has been pleased with his progress so far. Even though he still makes quite a few errors, he has told me that he is starting to get comfortable with reaching for letters that are above the home row.

I’m excited to see that Collin is quickly passing up one of his older siblings who struggled through a different keyboarding course! Woohoo!

TypeKids: Online Touch Typing Course for Kids

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At what age do you begin teaching touch typing skills in your homeschool?

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  1. I was looking into starting my daughter on a typing program. I thought I’d go with Mavis Beacon, because that’s what I used back in the day. LOL! It’s good to see other options.

    1. Judy Hoch says:

      Mavis Beacon seems to be the classic typing program–I admit that I even tried it with my kids! 😉