Time4Learning Online Educational Program {Review}

Time4Learning Online Educational Program

I am always looking for ways to encourage my hands-off children to actively participate in learning. Yes, they love to learn through their reading, but I want them to have the benefit of more varied educational experiences, as well.

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Recently we have been implementing online educational programs to help us climb out of the textbook-and-worksheet rut. Time4Learning has been a great tool to help my children approach learning from a different angle.

Time4Learning Online Educational Program

Time4Learning is an online educational program for grades pre-K through eight. The program can be used as a homeschool curriculum, for after-school tutoring help, or for keeping skills fresh over the summer. Its multimedia format encourages students to have fun while learning.

Time4Learning includes lessons and activities in five categories:

  • Math (including algebra)
  • Language arts
  • Science
  • Social studies
  • Art
Time4Learning Homeschool Supplement

Benefits of Time4Learning as a Homeschool Supplement

1. Fun, interactive lessons

Sometimes students balk at endless repetition of the same skills, even though repetition may be crucial for mastery. Time4Learning provides a way to reinforce skills in a game-like setting, helping children learn in a fun, interactive way.

2. Customizable learning experience

Parents are able to select the appropriate grade level for their child’s ability. Students generally have access to one grade above and one grade below the selected grade level, allowing them to review previously covered material and to move ahead at their own pace.

I appreciated the option to place my child at a lower or higher level in a particular subject as needed. For example, I chose to place a math-challenged child at a lower grade level for math than for other subjects.

Time4Learning Preschool Program

3. Simple to use

The older children quickly figured out the Time4Learning user interface on their own. Everything is laid out clearly, making it natural to progress through the lessons and activities without direct supervision. (Of course, parental oversight of children’s use of the internet is always advisable).

Even my four-year-old was able to work independently with Time4Learning. I was able to watch and listen in the same room without him feeling like I was hovering over him.

4. Excellent record-keeping system

Because I live in Pennsylvania, a state where homeschooling is highly regulated, I am very conscious of keeping a detailed paper trail to document my children’s learning. I can say without hesitation that Time4Learning far exceeds my expectations for keeping grades and student records.

Not only is the system remarkably thorough, it is also completely automated. Parents can access information including attendance records, time spent on lessons, number of activities completed, and test/quiz grades–all without needing to track or enter anything. This convenience is one of my favorite features of the Time4Learning program!

Time4Learning Student Records

5. Helps for parents

In addition to the excellent record-keeping system, Time4Learning offers plenty of helpful tools for parents:

  • An activity scheduler to help parents plan how many lessons or other activities need to be completed each week to finish within the desired time frame
  • Access to lesson plans by grade and subject so parents can find specific learning activities to suit their child’s needs
  • Helpful lists of spelling words, recommended science supplies, and more

Learn More About Time4Learning

If you’d like to learn more about Time4Learning, you can find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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