TEACH by Dennis Dinoia: How to Develop Independent Learning Skills

Wondering how to help your kids become self-motivated, independent learners? This book is for YOU!

Photo of  the book TEACH by Dennis Dinoia lying on a wooden table with an orange highlighter lying beside it. Text overlay reads, How to create independent learners.

One question homeschool parents frequently ask is, “How do you get your kids to do their school work on their own?”

When I dig a little deeper, I usually find that they are struggling to get their child or teen to work without someone sitting next to them to keep them on task.

I’ve never felt that I had a good answer to give these frustrated parents. I’ve assumed that perhaps my kids are just wired to be efficient and disciplined, and therefore they tend to learn independently and keep themselves motivated.

This week a few things suddenly clicked for me after reading a new book, TEACH by Dennis Dinoia. There really ARE some proven ways to help kids develop independent learning skills!

Photo of  the book TEACH by Dennis Dinoia lying on a wooden table with an orange highlighter lying beside it

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About TEACH by Dennis Dinoia

TEACH: Creating Independently Responsible Learners is a new book by Dennis Dinoia. If you’re familiar with Mr. D Math, you will recognize the name of the author immediately.

In this easy-to-read book, Mr. Dinoia draws on his experience both as a student and as a teacher to provide valuable tips for helping kids take responsibility for their learning.

His personal story gives insight into his educational philosophy. On an eighth-grade algebra test, his teacher allowed him to use the solution manual to view the steps in a similar problem.

Mr. Dinoia states, “I could see that I was learning . . . while I was taking the test. Not only was I learning, but I [was] teaching myself.”

He ended up receiving the highest grade in the class on that test.

Later as a high school math teacher, Mr. Dinoia tried the same method with his students. And it worked!

He relates, “They would look for themselves in order to discover for themselves what was being taught. It was then that they could discover how the math worked, and how that was accomplished.”

Suddenly something clicked in my mind.

I allow my kids to use the solution manual to check themselves as they learn new math concepts, but I had never realized how much this was helping them develop independent learning skills.

Looking back, I believe that allowing them to glean information from the solution manual is one of the best things I have done to help my kids learn to LEARN.

A closeup picture of the inside of the book TEACH by Dennis Dinoia

Mr. Dinoia’s book contains many other helpful tips for encouraging kids to take responsibility for their learning. This book opened my eyes to how closely related independent learning and personal responsibility actually are.

Independent learning and personal responsibility are both highly valued skills, not only in the educational world, but also in the work force. Developing these skills now will give our kids a lifelong advantage.

I had several other lightbulb moments as I read TEACH. I came away from the book with a fresh determination to help my kids be (as Mr. Dinoia has termed it) “independently responsible learners.”

Photo of  the book TEACH by Dennis Dinoia lying on a stand with a white doily and teal lamp in the corner

Get Your Copy of TEACH by Dennis Dinoia

If you could use some help in creating your own independently responsible learners, I recommend that you get a copy of Mr. Dinoia’s book.

TEACH is available on Amazon in several formats:

  • Paperback – $14.95
  • Audible – 1 credit
  • Kindle – $0.99 (Special offer through June 15, 2022!)

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