Reading Eggs: Online Reading Games for Kids

Reading Eggs: Online Reading Games for Kids

Teaching my children to read has been one of the highlights of homeschooling for me. I’m so thankful I’ve had the opportunity to watch them learn and develop their reading skills!

Several of my children were natural readers that taught themselves to read before their fifth birthday. A couple of the others struggled to master basic phonics, but eventually became fluent readers. And one child showed classic signs of full-blown dyslexia.

No matter what reading ability or challenges a child may have, it’s beneficial to have multiple learning tools available to help them master phonics skills and develop reading fluency. And if those tools make learning FUN? All the better!

Fun online reading games

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Reading Eggs: Online Reading Games for Kids

Reading Eggs is a website with fun online reading games for kids. Designed for children ages 3-13, this reading program has won multiple awards. It also won two thumbs up from my 6-year-old daughter!

Reading Eggs contains hundreds of reading lessons PLUS thousands of fun learning activities to help kids with phonics and reading skills. There are also more than 2,500 ebooks available for kids to read in a child-safe online environment.

The student dashboard is engaging and colorful, very similar to the on-screen games that many kids play every day. The only real difference is that this game is a valuable learning tool!

Online reading games

The parent dashboard allows parents to monitor their child’s progress with detailed reports, approximate reading age, quiz scores, and more.

Why We Like Reading Eggs Online Reading Games

1. Fun game-style activities

Like most kids, Kendra loves to play electronic games. Currently her favorites are Minecraft, Hay Day, Word Cookies . . . and Reading Eggs.

In fact, Kendra is having so much fun with Reading Eggs that Kiera (3 years old) begs for her turn with Reading Eggs Junior, the new online program for children ages 2-4.

Online reading lessons for kids

2. Easy to use independently

Unlike some online games, Reading Eggs is easy for younger learners to use independently. The directions for each activity are narrated, which allows Kendra to listen and then complete the lessons and activities on her own. Big plus for busy parents!

3. Self-paced program

One of the biggest benefits of Reading Eggs is that it allows children to progress at their own pace. Whether your child is acing reading at 4, or still working to master the basics at a later age, Reading Eggs allows them to build confidence and move ahead at their own pace.

Reading Eggs

Get Started with Reading Eggs

Ready to give Reading Eggs a try with your child? Sign up for a FREE 4-week trial!

During the free trial, you will have access to all the programs:

  1. Reading Eggs Junior (for ages 2-4)
  2. Reading Eggs (for ages 3-7)
  3. Reading Eggspsress (for ages 7-13)
  4. Mathseeds (for ages 3-9)

Sign up for your free trial of Reading Eggs today! Offer expires October 6, 2017.

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