CTC Math: Online Math Curriculum (Grades 1-12)

CTC Math: Online Math Curriculum for Grades 1-12

Math was a painful subject in our family for a year or two. Tears and frustration became all too common–something I had wanted never to happen in our homeschool.

Because my children already dreaded math, things only escalated when I had to reteach a concept or require any corrections. Bad attitudes began to develop, creating even more stress.

I finally realized that, because my children were already frustrated by math, they were feeling criticized or opposed by my efforts to help. I decided to step back from teaching math and allow my kids to learn from someone else–one of the best homeschooling decisions I have made.

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About CTC Math Membership

CTC Math offers homeschool students the opportunity to learn from someone other than their parents–an option that frustrated students may perceive as more “neutral.”

A CTC Math membership covers the whole family and includes curriculum for grades 1-12. Each level includes optional diagnostic testing to help place students in exactly the right place. This is an invaluable tool for preventing both learning gaps and too much repetition.

Online math curriculum for homeschool

Students learn new math concepts through video tutorials. Unlike a live online class, these videos allow for rewinding and replaying for extra lesson reinforcement. Big plus!

After watching the video, students complete some (ungraded) practice questions, much like they would do in a classroom. This provides practice with the new concept and increases math confidence.

Next, students complete a math worksheet. This can be done online or printed out to be filled in on paper. The system automatically grades the worksheet and records the grade. Love this!

CTC Math membership for homeschool

Benefits of Using Online Math Curriculum

Video Lessons

Using video lessons frees up parent teaching time and also helps to remove that emotional component that frustrated math students tend to shift onto their parents. In addition, the lessons can be repeated for extra reinforcement.

Independent Grading

I can’t stress enough how much stress was removed when I stopped correcting math papers. Instead of my kids subconsciously feeling like I was criticizing their work, they are now independently working to meet the standards of a “neutral” third party. Less emotion, less stress for everyone.

Online math curriculum for grades 1-12

Less Paperwork

Our homeschool seems to generate a tremendous amount of papers and record-keeping. Using an online math curriculum can really help to reduce that paper pile. Collin has been doing his math worksheets online–no papers to file or throw away.

The online grading also helps to streamline record-keeping, making it easier to keep track of grades without losing them. Yes, I do things like that. 

Get Your CTC Math Membership

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