Live Online Algebra 1 Classes for Homeschool

Stop stressing about teaching algebra in your homeschool. Enroll your student in these live online Algebra 1 classes instead!

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Many homeschool parents get nervous when it comes time to teach high school math. (Might as well admit it—our upper level math skills have gotten a little rusty over the years!)

But you don’t have to worry about relearning algebra or being able to explain it clearly to your teen . . . and you don’t have to shell out a pile of cash for a private tutor, either.

Instead your teen can learn algebra from an experienced math teacher in Mr. D Math live online classes.

I received free access to Mr. D Math Algebra I and was compensated for my time. All thoughts and opinions are my own; I was not required to post a positive review.

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Mr. D Math Live Online Algebra 1 Classes

Mr. D Math takes all the stress out of high school algebra with live online classes. Mr. DiNoia (aka Mr. D) understands algebra, and he knows how to help students understand it, too.

With live classes, assignments, quizzes, and tests, Mr. D Math Algebra I is a thorough and comprehensive algebra course. Students will earn a full high school credit in Algebra I after completing the course.

Not quite ready for Algebra 1? Read more about Mr. D Math Pre-Algebra!

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Why I Recommend Mr. D Math Live Online Classes

No Parent Teaching

I really appreciate that Mr. D does all the teaching. Parents don’t have to prepare lessons or find ways to explain concepts effectively. It’s all done by Mr. D.

And I have to say that Mr. D really knows his stuff. He can explain high school math concepts in a way that teens can truly understand.

Not only does this free up time for busy parents, but it also eliminates friction that may occur when students struggle with math. (Believe me, we’ve been there—having an outside teacher can work wonders for the homeschool atmosphere!)

Online Class Format

Mr. D Math live online courses are an excellent way to expose teens to a different learning environment. Students have the opportunity to learn from an outside teacher, practice taking notes, and experience turning in assignments.

Easy to Use Independently

Students can complete Mr. D Math Algebra 1 completely on their own. From watching the lessons online and asking Mr. D questions, to correcting their own work and recording their grades, teens can do everything independently.

This is definitely a timesaver for homeschool parents, but even more importantly, it is a valuable lesson in responsibility for students as they approach adulthood.

Boy sitting in front of laptop with Algebra 1 problem being worked out on screen

Get Started with Mr. D Math Live Online Classes

Mr D. Math offers a variety of live online classes in addition to Algebra I. Other live classes include pre-algebra, geometry, Algebra 2, and pre-calculus with trigonometry.

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